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HEBs?? To eat or not to eat??

Having a debate with myself regarding my HeBs today. Having a green day but have found myself so stuffed off just free foods that i really dont fancy anything else or any syns.
I know they are important to get vital nutrients etc but im just feeling like i would be eating them for the sake of it and not because im hungry, which to be honest its the eating stuff when im not hungry which has led to my weight gain.
What are other peoples thoughts on this??
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I would say don't have them today as you feel stuffed but to make sure that you don't eat so much free food in future that you feel stuffed. The point is to stop before you get too full also to plan your free food around your Heb's.


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Hi im doing green as of tomorrow i suppose 1 HEB could be bread used for breakfast or lunch and cereal bars for a snack or cereal for breakfast or theres always extra cheese.
I'm more worried about the amount of pasta or carbs il eat. not a great lover of meat and just had a fishy week so quorn or without suits me fine plus an extre HEB will be fab.


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If you are stuffed then don't eat it. No point in forcing yourself to eat something when you aren't hungry.

I did a red day yesterday and at the end of the day still had a HeB left over.

Some people say that if you don't have your full Healthy Extra then you have to syn what you did have (And Slimming World themselves will not confirm or refute this) - but I don't syn it, and it works out fine for me :)


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The Healthy Extras are there to make sure we get appropriate amounts of calcium, fat and fibre. Missing them out occasionally won't do much harm, especially if you are getting those nutrients from other foods.

But you will regret it in later life if you don't get enough calcium!
Didn't end up having them!
Just didn't want to get back into the habit of eating for the sake of it, even though past reasons were different.
Have planned meals better the past couple of days to incorporate them, don't think skipping them the once would have too much of an adverse effect x

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