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likes to kick fats ass
well lads got so caught up in work last month had to come off the oul lipo and was at 9st 8 and thought if i just kept myself in ketosis and lost the last few pounds with atkins id be grand naw sure i couldn manage even that so have stayed there but still have that final stone to go also knowing that i was starting again tomorrow i decided last wednesday to give myself the first taste of a proper carb as in fresh brown bread with real butter!!!!! HUUUUUUUUGGGEEEE mistake twas like a drug so then thursday had more bread which led to every other carb that i had missed out on whilst on lipotrim such as rice, bread, porridge,mire bread, chips, bread, kfc chicken, bread again, you name a carb iv eaten it in the past few days well i was a disaster, feel so awful and dissapointed inmyself cuz just weighed myself there and although have eaten today its still depressing to see 10st 6 on the scales thats like 11lbs gain since wednesday and i know the carb up will have a lot to do with it but im seriously freakin out!!!!
ok im starting tomorrow and its fresh start why is it harder second time round though cuz tried to start yesterday and was ok then today ate bread?????why why why?????would really love any suggestions to give my second try on this a fresh start to it, please help guys i know if i can do this twil only be a few weeks then i can refeed properly and maintain then please help, im actually getting really emotional now cuz i feel like ive ruined all my previous hard work on the first time i did lipotrim:break_diet::wave_cry: ps good to see some of the old faces or names i suppose how ye doin pineapple,fattothon etc???/xxx
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Welcome back hun xx
Hi again, I think you have all your own answers you just need a bit of moral support and guidance. You'll do this easy.
Good Luck:)


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Clessofme – first of all HELLO THERE!! Glad to see you back on here. 2ndly please please stop beating yourself up. You must put the carb feast behind you as if you don’t you will continue to feel bad and eat to try and make yourself feel better, you’ll end up back in that terribe cycle we have all been in before. I have done the exact same as you hun, except I have been doing that every weekend for about a month. I was getting away with it by getting back on track on the Mon to Fri but it has finally caught up with me and the weight started to come off really really slowly, ,meaning I was no longer getting away with it…. This last binge lasted 4 days and I went up 9 lbs!! See my signature! But started yesterday and am already down 3lbs! What am saying is what you gained will mostly be fluid, so if you get right back on you will prob have a loss like you did your first ever week. You’ll soon be back to your 9st 8lbs (which by the way is bloody fantastic) and then you’ll be well and truly on your road to loosin the last stone. Just get back into it, as that’s what really counts. Don’t think about undoing any of your hard work, as that’ll not be case if you get going again. You will only undo your hard work if you continue down this road of eating every carb in site! They have a lot to answer for tho don’t they, am sure they are the root of all evil!!!

Best of luck hun xxxx


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As I've just said to someone else....todays another day, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and away you go.

Nice to see you back hun.
Good luck


likes to kick fats ass
:eek:thanks so much everyone just about to have second shake now, today is my day 1 am feeling good about this now and cant wait to report back in a week!!!!
weight today 10st 6
weight one week from today (watch this space:) !)


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Well done you, am looking forward to hearing how you do. Am sure it'll be fab and you'll be back in the 9 stones before you now it! xxx


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Pineapple, You look lovely in your picture hun.x
Il second that Shaz, stunning xx
Not that good...........Only kidding yes shes lovely, and now she is totally embarrassed:D x
Nah is she heck, she can take it from me. Makes a change from me saying how bad she is!! xx
Oh thanks guys!! Your too nice! Embarrassed??? MOI?! Am I heck, am loving it!!! xxx
Lol told ya Garry! Now no binging hun and ruining your looks:D xxx
That would be one hell of a binge!;) x
No tracey, no bingeing. Have to be hearsing all the oohs and ahs when I walk down that isle or I'll nae be impressed! LOL!!

Lol creep!! x


likes to kick fats ass
ya pineapple you look AMAAAAAAAZING wow!! its funny putting a face to the name!!! has anyone their before pics? did ye see the ones on the inspiration part theyre unbelieveable altogether!!xxx
Hey clessofme and thank you! I know, its so weird putting a face to the name aint it! That pic was taken back in Jan when we went to Dublin for the weekend. By then, I had lost 1 and half stones so have since lost double that! Can you imagine me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL - OF COURSE AM ONLY FUNNING WITH THAT COMMENT! See what losing weight has done to me!!! I dont actually think I have lost an awful lot more off my face? Although some say I have? I am gonna post some before pics and inbetwwen and after pics when am done!

7 Weeks this sun til we head out to Cyprus but 8 weeks this fri til we get married! Not long now!

How you getting on hun?X