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Hello again from re-starter. Day 1!

Just wanted to say hello as I see a few are starting on 1st Sep like me.
I'm actually a come back girl after loosing 3 stone on CD earlier in the year.
After a bit of a trial and fail period, Im back now 100% to finish what I started.
I hope anyone looking for buddies out there will come and say hi, because a daily check of the site here really keeps me focussed. That's all really,
Thanks for reading......
Day one completed!
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Hi Flowey, well done on losing 3 stone previously, I hope you manage to get to goal this time. I am on day 15 of SS and hanging on in there. Keep us posted dudette:hug99:
Madmam, Thanks!
CD has just been the diet suited to me and after the intial week struggle, when my head is in the right place.. it just seems to work.
Am ok about the weight I am now, but I still need and want to go further.
I started this journey thinking a size 14 would be so cool, now I'm here I don't want to comprimise. I want a healthy BMI so I know I really am slim and not over weight!
I'm really motivated now... lets hope it continues.
Well done on your losses so far!
hi hun, i started yesterday aswell and have completed my first day. I could do with all the buddies i can get to get through this, so im here if you need me.

Hope you have a good second day!
hi welcome back I am sure you will make it this time as you sound ready to make it.
I am week 13 49lbs down 41lbs to go and i am the same as you no comprimises after i have failed at so many other diets I am focused and ready to do it this time.

Good luck not that your going to need it xx


One day at a time!
Good luck with the remainder of your journey - it's such a great plan isn't it. Here's to a good loss this week too:)
Hi, thanks all for posting and yes wanna be thin, would love a buddy, its amazing how much it helps me to stay focussed.
Well day 2 - am soooooo hungry today and feeling a bit lethargic. Am at 80/20 whether to keep going, but am using all the will power I have to stay focussed.
I know from the previous CD experience, if I just do one day at a time (or one hour at a time if I'm having a very bad day) the weeks soon fly by and I will be there in no time...
...so am kicking my own **** here am going to check in here a fair bit I think!
Say hi if you are all about!
Juat fallen off on Day 2 - help!

Hi. Completely new to all this. Have never been on a forum or anything before.
I lost 5 stone 2lbs on Lighter Life about 4 years ago, but have put 3 stone back on. I'd only put on around a stone and a half until I broke my leg on June 1st and had to spend two and half months bored and immobile! I'd planned to start CD on September 1st and, as the title suggests, I have fallen off the wagon on Day 2. I really, really need to get the weight off, but am feeling an absolute failure.:cry: Help!!
Good luck newbies...
Flowey Im only on day 3 myself... so know how you feel and have been fighting the demons, I nearly succumbed yesterday but now so glad I didnt, so try to hold on.. I tried it once before and gave up on day 3, this time I owe it to myself to at least reach ketosis and give it a thorough bash...
also any of you newbies who could do with support Im here too...
Flowey glad you started this thread. Curlytop you are not alone and you will get back on the wagon. I did CD last year and lost 33 pounds and felt and was told I looked great. I was wearing size 8 and 10's! However, one reason and another I let the weight creep back on. I kept getting my CD packs and re-started countelss times only to over eat and then eat some more because I thought I had blown it. I don't even want to start to do the maths how much money I wasted on the CD packs by the failed re-starts and the continous weight gain.

Having lurked on this forum and too ashamed yet again to ask for support I saw this thread and read your post to which I felt I had to reply. We are human and we can only but try and try again. I started CD today and so far I have done well. Just had my second shake. I even went for a short run (well waddle really!) this morning! The very fact you are trying shows you really want to lose the weight so don't beat yourself up for tryign again. something will click and you will make the decision to stick with CD for the number of weeks or months you need to. I am determined not to fail this time. I have told myself I will SS for 12 weeks and that I will be able to eat (sensibly and healthily) once I have lost the intial weight. Sorry for waffling but just want to say don't feel alone. Start again first thing tomorrow, if you falter remind your self the number of hours you have successfully stuck to SS. Literally take it hour by hour. that is how I have managed to get to this afternoon. Don't blow the hours or days of success you have stuck to SS. Hope that helps a little.

Hows your day gone hun? Im still a bit poorly so have pretty much slept through it again :D. im suffering a little bit now, i woke up with a splitting headache and dying for food but i had some porridge instead like a good girl :eek: and had another glass of water. I can't use pm's yet but my email is [email protected] if you wanna chat. The same goes for anyone on here who needs a friend my email is there.
Curlytop - I swear, I have been where you are now about 20 times since June. Fell off the wagon on holiday, promised I'd get straight back to it and fell off 20 times. Until now, just feel like now is right - no magic.
Kira put everything so well. You fall off, it hurts but worse that we beat ourselves up over it, don't be human just like me, keep trying and one day.....we will all be there.
wanna be thin, thankyou will be emailing you!!
Flobble, we can do this! Day 3, well done!
Well today has been ..... ok! I have found myself sooooooo hungry today, my tummy! its so loud and gurgly! And have been a bit short tempered (oooopppsss) but am ok now and still here 100% amazingly. It has rained all day here and 3 kids stuck in my little place would test 'supernanny'. But on a + side, kids back to school tommorow, and my friends and I are starting our exercise mornings up again, so will be forced to join in which is always a good laugh!

How is everyone else today?
Kira, the hour by hour comment is so true,you darent think far into the future.
I did try it once before and failed before ketosis.. but we have to keep persevering dont we. Good luck and hopefully youll do it this time. Like you say were all human so dont feel ashamed, this site is full of restarters, it will happen if the time is right.

wanna b thin, Ive had awful headaches the last two days but on my day three they have finally disappeared, apparently thats our body adjusting to no carbs isnt it? I was a carb addict so guess that explains mine being so bad.Have you done this CD before?

Flowey, funny enough I havent been physically hungry ( but must admit to feeling nauseaus due to so much water to keep my tummy full) but I am soooooo head hungry. I nearly caved last night dreaming about the smell of chips from a chippy but woke up so happy this morning when I knew I had not given up. I cant even imagine making it til weigh day at the moment and dreading weekend but just trying to take it moment by moment

Nice to chat to other newbies
Flobble, ooo week one, its always tough (I should know) I promise from the bottom of my heart, it does get easier, hense why I can come back!
By day 5 ketosis should have hit which should make us both v.cold and give us a little more energy (I didn't get that energy high ever, well maybe odd day, was just normal?)
I find with me, by the end of week 2 I'm so much much better. My body and head have got used to it all. I have 5/6 good days and one bad one which just takes a little more effort, but soooo much easier.

I remember...
wk 1 = hard
wk 2 = a little easier
wk 3 = good, amazed at 3 weeks as it goes so fast
wk 4 = people start to notice and the posistive comments help

I hope this helps and doesn't put you off. Just do one week and then its easier day by day.

I started wanting to be a normal size 14ish??? Now I can't believe I'm starting a small journey to be a slim person. I never though I could be one of those slim people like in the slimming mags that do it. Now I know I can, if I just stay strong......you will to
Aww thanks, every bit of encouragement helps, you sound very positive at the moment too. I had a bit of a hissy fit earlier lol, but got over it. Now for the first time I am actually physically hungry but cant bare another drop of water today.
Well Im just going to look at getting through tomorrow.. as any further seems
to much to bare lol...
Im afraid Im a very big pig when it comes to food, unbelievably so, Im actually quite amazed Ive come this far....
Good luck for tomorrow all of you
How is everyone today?
Kids are at school today (1st day for middle daughter at 3 yrs!!) so am a bit listless.
Try to get house sorted but am milling unproductivley.
Still 100% so far but keep clock watching for lunch time, day 3 so going to pee on my stick later (hee hee) see if there is any pink, will let you know.
Pop in and say hi, am probably on and off here today until pick up time.
hello flowey
I woke up on day 4 like i had be reborn it was my favourite day as i felt focused lol
Hi hun,

Bless ye, i bet you feel lost with your daughter off to school :flowers:. Just keep up the good work hun. I just keep thinking of where i can be 12 weeks from now. Im trying to break it up day by day but it definatley keeps me focused thinking about wearing size 10 clothes for my birthday and the look on everyones face when they see me :D

Nicci x

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