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Hello all. im new here .... still trying to get the hang of it all x

Hello ... i recentley joined slimming world as iv just had a baby 7 months ago and got alot of weight to shift... i joined meetings wednesday, couldnt stay as little one needed feedin, so my leader gave me the books and explained it a little. im following the extra easy plan, cant believe all the free foods ,, i think ill do really well on this as i love cooking from scratch and i love potatoes, rice , pasta ect. id love to hear from people who are also on the extra easy plan and hopefully learn a few things along the way, 1 thing i was wondering is how do i go about alchohol. i like to have a drink on the wekend, can the syns be saved each day until the weekend? look forward to hearing from u ......Natalie x
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sweetheart, if youre going to save up, youre best to have a few syns a day, even if its just 4 or 5, just to keep yourself from feeling deprived, but i know of loads of people who save up their syns for weekend use, or if its just a one off night out, have a flexible day. pick a higher syn level and stick to it.

congratulations on becoming a mummy. xxx
S: 16st8.5lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st10lb BMI: 33 Loss: 2st12.5lb(17.42%)
oooh and just to add, spirits and sugar free mixers are best for slimmers.

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Hi Hun welcome to sw x I start my syns at 105 for the week then take what syns I have off daily if I was going out at weekend would save most of them for then. Good luck xx

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Hi and welcome to minis - the plan is simple to follow I do EE myself. You will get lots of help and support here and if your stuck just shout someone will always help. Good luck with your first week

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