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Hello and advice needed


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Hi there I am on day 3 and feel ok so far. So glad I found this forum as I bought mostly chocolate and found I couldn't stomach it. However the advice of using peppermint tea saved the day :)
Any advice for making the strawberry more palatable? Love the vanilla but not tried the soup yet.

I know I shouldn't but I have an addiction to the weighing scales :scale: and I weighed myself this morning and only 1lb gone :cry: Do you have to be in ketosis to lose weight? Plus how long will it take to get in ketosis?

I have not felt hungry since I started it but don't have a furry tongue or bad breath yet...

I really really really really want to lose 4 stone in eight weeks. I have seen it can be done. Any advice on how I can increase my chances of losing that much would be fantastic.

love Colleen x
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Here we go again!
Hi Colleen

This is my second time on LT and it's day 1 for me!

I'd imagine you will be in ketosis any day now. It took me about 3 days last time. You will know cos of the breath and furry tongue that it has arrived.

A lot of people on LT are addicted to weighing themselves every day. I did it last time. I am going to try and weigh just the once a week this time, if I can.

Not sure if losing 4 stones in 8 weeks is achievable but I don't see why not. I found walking and toning at the gym really helped with my weight loss last time.

Good luck!


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Hi Bev & thanks for replying. Good luck with your journey. The lady at the chemist said 4 stone was achievable so I have kind of set my heart on it. I am going to Florida on 25th June and really want to be as light as I can be. To be honest 3 stone would be amazing but because I have seen others do 4 I am daring to hope ;)

Fingers crossed for a great first loss for both of us.

Colleen x
Hello & Welcome Colleen,

I think 4 stone in 8 weeks is pushing it a bit, but 3 stone is definately achieveable. Everyone loses at different rates so you cannot really compare yourself to what others have lost.
Keep sipping your water throughout the day and thats the best thing you can do to lose those pounds!

Good Luck
Clair x
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Thanks for the advice Clair yes I will sip sip sip :p I know 4 stone is pushing it but I will give it my best shot and if not then 3 stone will be fab :D xx
welcome and good luck excersise will help with your weight loss and also tone you up and plus it takes your mind of the fact that you are just drinking shakes so good all round :)


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4stone in 8 weeks really isnt realistic. The average is 1stone a month, take into account a considerable loss on your first week i reckon around 2-3 stone tops in 8 weeks. So i wouldnt set your heart on it as you might be setting yourelf up for a fall. Good luck though and like the others have said, keep sipping your water and you should be in ketosis any day now :)
Hi Colleen,

Good on you for starting! As regards the shakes, I find using really cold water helps them taste better...I'm into my 7th week now and I quite like the shakes. With the strawberry one, it was the first shake I had and I thought it was rotten, then I tried one again this week after all that time and you know what? It was delicious. Your taste buds really do change on this so everything will taste differently after a while. Also, believe me that after a few weeks u will look forward to those shakes!!
In terms of your goal of 4 stone...I hate being pessimmistic but I think its a big ask of your body and I don't think its achievable, however in saying that I think your BMI is quite high so u could very well lose 3, fair play to you for doing this diet, its tough but it is so effective! By the way you will totally feel great after losing 1, 2 or 3 stone you will feel lighter and brilliant and you will know u are well on your way to a healthier weight.
I also weigh myself more than I should but you know it keeps me motivated.
The soup isn't that nice but again you will get used to it and sometimes it is nice to have something warm. I will never get used to those flapjacks tho...but my advice is to try everything at least once, then try it a few weeks later.

Good luck :)


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Aww thanks for the great advice. Glad to hear my taste buds will change. Had the soup tonight and it was positively gross :sick0019: and I really wanted to like it as I love savoury :sigh: Never mind!

My pharmacist was very enthusiastic in the amount of weight I can potentially lose and encouraged my 4 stone goal. I am optimistic but also realistic and will be delighted with anything above 2 stone. However, will keep fingers and toes crossed for a little more :gimi:

Colleen x

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