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Hello food! Question from those who've moved from Liquid Diets.


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Hello ladies (and gents!)

I've moved over from the Cambridge diet. I'm about 2st from my goal, and have lost over 3st through healthy eating and then Cambridge.

I've read that going back to "normal" food after Cambridge often results in a temporary gain whilst you stabilise and adjust. I ate food yesterday, and am eating today, and my first WI is tonight! I'm very excited, but am a bit worried as to how much I'll gain by WI 2. I know it'll all start to come off again by WI 3, but I don't want to get too discouraged!

I was wondering, for those of you who've moved from Liquid Diets (especially Cambridge, although I was eating the bars and porridge) - did you have a gain in Week 1 of WW and if so, how much?

Hoping to get to know you all soon!

P.S. I've done WW before in the past, and had great success on it, which is why I'm back!

fa xx
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Hi Mince

I've come over from Cambridge - but I "stopped" in mid December and really didn't go back. So, my experience is slightly different from yours by the sounds of it - have you just finished on CD?

You can say I'm starting WW afresh as I haven't been following any plan since before Christmas. I have put on about a stone - but to be honest, it could have been worse. I've started WW because I don't want to put any more on and I would't mind getting down to goal.

I lost 57lbs on Cambridge - I loved it! But i figure I couldn't do that forever hence here I am doing WW.

Sorry i'm not much help sweetie. But i'm sure if you stick to WW you'll lose... i look forward to your forthcoming threads!

Good luck lovely!


Likes to eat
Thanks Lynne for the lovely reply!

I've been more or less offplan since Christmas, and maintained the weight I'd lost pretty much to the exact number with the odd pound fluctuation every now and then. I went back on "properly" to CD about a week ago, and lost 5lbs which I'm guessing was all water weight and am expecting to put back on now I'm back on the food, but I'm just remembering the bigger (or well, smaller!) picture! Whilst I may gain over the next week, it'll all come off!


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Well done on maintaining since Christmas - that is brilliant. I've eaten like there's no tomorrow... unfortunately!!

No point in worrying about it. I don't think we should compare losses with CD - that's just silly and it's just going to upset us. Because i haven't done CD for long, it's not that big an issue with me. I hope i don't get too despondent in the next few weeks/months - i mustn't compare losses!! Wrong wrong wrong.

I'm sure you replied to Sasha... there seems to be a lot of us who moving across from CD (or liquid diets), and I think we all have the same hang ups.

I'm sure your weight loss will be fine this week. Last week you've lost all the water you would have normally would have gotten rid off - so this week is pure fat loss... how exciting is that?!

You wont gain. Trust me.



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Sorry, I may not have been clear, I've only switched to real food yesterday, and my first WI is tonight! Hoping that I'll still get a loss, but not expecting anything amazing.

And yes! I've done WW before, so I'm used to the relatively "slow" loss, but I had weeks on CD when I lost as much as I'd lose on WW, which just makes me annoyed because, hey, at least I get to eat on WW! To lose 2lbs on CD was infuriating when you're living on a shake :(


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Oh, right, sorry. You've only started eating yesterday? I can't imagine a gain, but i'm no expert (sorry - wish I was).

I was never a huge loser on CD - there were some people who could lose half a stone a week - just incredible.

So you are only starting WW tonight? If you are, just start afresh tomorrow. Whatever you weigh tonight that's where I would start WW from. Hope I'm making sense... lol


Don't worry about it...


is going to loose!
Good luck girls! Perhaps you can consider this a form of refeed? Might put your head in the right place. Then next week your body is adjusting and accepting and the third week back into the loosing streak, well for Mince that is.

Also have done CD in the past. Too restrictive for me.

Anyway WW it is and here we go for a good crack at the gold (goal that is)!



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Yup that makes perfect sense Lynne and Bren! I'm trying to make healthy choices today, but not count severely, so that I get a good loss next week (if that makes sense!) as I weigh in tonight :D

@Lynne I was never a massive loser on CD either, but looking at your weight, you and I are quite a bit lighter than some of the ladies who lose 7lbs a week! I'd lose 3.5 MAXIMUM weekly, I'd rather lose half that and feel I have access to my tastebuds, although I do recommend Cambridge to people still :D

Thanks for the support ladies!


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As you could probably tell from my own thread I have put on 4.5lbs in 3 weeks coming over from Lipotrim - but I did not do a proper refeed and am hoping that next week I will start to show some losses.


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I'm not doing a the Cambridge refeed either, I'm just trying to make healthy choices! Even if the scales won't be our friends at first, our bodies are loving it ! We can do this :D


Otherwise known as Jools
I'm definitely loving all the different textures and tastes of food - some flavours are just simply amazing. I am even liking stuff I hated before TFR ie Peanut Butter. Its a complete minefield and choosing what to eat rather than a shake or a bar is quite daunting at times - there is so much choice its amazing.

Tho like you say the scales are not our friends right now but they are not the enemy either - just a hapless victim in this battle of ours ;)

We can do this - we will do this :D :D

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