Hello! Is this where everyone is these days?!


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Hi all

Thought I'd say hello :) and to also tell you that I've decided to go back to a VLCD after losing 10 stone on LL, and putting some back on again.

Very much looking for advice, inspiration, kicks-up-the-backside and motivation!

Mandana x
Hello Mandana! Sure you don't need any advice. You're a superstar!

I can do a clip around the ear though


Welcome aboard the mini machine :)
You should be able to teach some of us a thing or two !
Hi Mandana! Great to see you :D
Hi Mandana

I remember reading your thread on Discovery Health and being so inspired. Felt that I'd been let in on a very special secret.....VLCDs:D Thanks for the inspiration, don't think we can offer you any advice but happy to send you best wishes, lots of luck and cyber powered willpower!

Lovely to have you with us, keep us posted with your progress.
Aww, thanks girls. It's great to have support - in fact, I know I could never have done it first time round without all the online support I received - especially at the time when Mum was diagnosed with cancer

Trouble is, when you've done it once, the magic & mystery is no longer there, and already my 'chatterbox' is trying to sabotage me. We've got my SIL coming on Thursday as we're off to see Robbie on Friday night, have Mr P's daughter coming on Saturday with her new beau, following week we've got a corporate function to attend all day with food & drink on tap, and then God knows what else after that .. one thing after another

But the one thing I need to keep in my mind is I've got a really slinky evening dress I wore once back in January. Even though I'd put on a bit of weight by then, I looked great - even better than when I was at goal as my skin had plumped out. If I keep remembering that, I'll stay focused hopefully.

Wish WW had worked for me as I know deep down that that is the best way forward, keeping food in the picture, but it's so bloody hard to keep portions down and stop the odd thing creeping in.

Anyhoo .. needs must

Thanks for the support. No doubt I'll need loads of it in the next few days/weeks

but it's so bloody hard to keep portions down and stop the odd thing creeping in.

I'm with you on that one. Though I've managed it so far, I've found it quite overwhelming at times.

Seeing a timescale for loosing weight is so motivating. Looking at maintaining forever sends me into a blind panic much of the time.
Hello Karion

Well I take my hat off to you keeping 8 stone off for a year. To my mind that is more of an achievement than taking the weight off. While I was on LL my LLC kept saying management was the hardest part, and I kept thinking 'yeah, yeah, and not eating food isn't?', but how right was she??!

Anyone who gets the weight off and keeps it off deserves a medal IMO .. well bloody done!

Mandana x
Hi Mandana

Welcome to Mini's site!!

I also took great inspiration from your thread on DH. I got to goal with a 6.5 stone weight loss in May this year and i'm really struggling to keep the weight off!!

My good days consist of 3 x LL packs with a healthy meal but every few days i have a binge - i had one yesterday and managed to put on 5lbs overnight!! I know a lot of this is glycogen but i feel so rubbish today! I'm either feast or famine, just no inbetween with me!

How much do you wanna lose now? Are you back on VLCD? if so which one?

Hi Karen .. nice to hear from you!

I remember your posts from DH (have you all left the site now??) Weren't you dating lots and having a great time?! Forgive me if I've got the wrong Karen!

Well .. unfortunately I put on a steady 1lb per week since getting to my all time lowest (9.10) last September, which puts me 4 stone heavier. How embarassed am I at that??? :(

I don't want to get right down again as I was very drawn looking (but loved being that slim), so aiming for about a 2.5-3 stone loss.

Thing is, I've got so many things coming up .. family coming down to stay, friends over, corporate functions etc., etc. Little ol' chatterbox is already having a good natter in my head!

As long as I get on *that* dress by the 27th October, I'll be happy! I was about 11.5 then, so I've got my work cut out!

Mandana x
Oh, and I'm going to see a new CD to my area. I followed LL the first time, and did go back this summer, but the work my LLC was doing screwed with my head, so I'm going the CD way this time!
Mandana, don't be so hard on yourself, you're still loads lighter than when you started LL and your little target is well within arms reach!

I know what you mean about chatterbox - she's such a *****!!

It's great you have a goal date to aim for and i'm sure you'll make it! You've done it before so you CAN do it again!!

Yes it is me that has the crazy dating life haha, altho if i keep bingeing it ain't gonna continue!! I'm waiting for my GP to give me some details of local counsellors who specialise in binge eating, so hopefully that'll sort me out!! I am soooo scared about putting weight on tho ;o(

So when do you start CD?
I'm going to see her first thing Wednesday morning. Not sure if I've got enough packs to last me 2 days though - in fact I know I haven't! Will have to compromise somehow!

Good luck with the dating .. enjoy every moment!

Mandana x
Hey Mandana - a big welcome to Minimins!!! I hope you'll shout if you need any help finding your way around the site!

Looking forward to hearing how you get on - as I might have told you before, your DH thread was the first one I ever read and it inspired me hugely during my SSing days!

I, like Karen and Karion, am trying to maintain but struggling loads at the moment - aargh!! lol

Speak soon
Hi Mandana.. it's lovely to see you here.... I was so inspired by you on DH thank you so much for that:)
I'm struggling with the last couple of stone at the moment, as at BMI 24 I'm not able to SS and have to deal with food... it's bloomin hard but I'm getting there I think!!!!! Slowly but surely, but still very much work in progress!!!:eek:

Hope you're having a good day hun:)

love xxx:)
Hello and welcome to Minimins Mandana :) Wishing you all the best with CD - you know you can do it because of your major achievement last time :D
Hello Karion

Well I take my hat off to you keeping 8 stone off for a year.

Thank you Mandana. No, it's not easy. Well, I haven't found it easy, but I had to do it:rolleyes:

I guess we learn by our mistakes, and I've made so many over the years, I'm learning well this time:D

Trouble is, when you've done it once, the magic & mystery is no longer there

That's true. I always direct people to Divas message at this point here.

Hope you find it helpful :) Very best of luck.
Heyyyyyyyyyy Mandana!!! :eek: :D

How great is it to see you on here!!!! Now you know if its a kick up the jacksy that you need then I'll be only too happy to oblige!! :D

Look sweetie....don't beat yourself up, life happens! However, you know that you can regain that control and being perfectly honest, if CD is the way forward then go for it but remember that SS is not the only way! We do have other programmes that work successfully as well....I say this because I know that I can no longer SS but still enjoy the flexibility of the other programmes when I'm in CD weight reducing mode!

Good luck, hun and you know I'm here if you need me....:) xxx
Thanks Karion for the link to Diva's thread .. she is so right saying the urgency isn't there like it was the first time around. Although a bit of the self-loathing has come back, I know I don't look anything like I did at 20 stone! Doesn't help that I feel almost as big though - work that one out?! :confused:

Diva honey, thanks for posting, and for your email. Great to hear from you! I know that if there is anyone who will give me the kick, it's you :p And right now, that's what I need!

Day 3 for me and after 2 days I'm happy to report I've lost 9 lbs. How crazy is that?! Yes, I know it's all water, but even so. Great start! 2 more pounds and I'll be down into the next stone. And at this rate I'll be in my dress again :D It's this one http://www.photobox.co.uk/shared/photo.html?c_photo=48994150 - and even though I can get it on, my legs, tum and boobs are too lumpy to even contemplate being seen in public in it! Far too skimpy! :eek:

I've just dropped H off at the station, and my head is thumping, so as I'm working from home this morning I'm going back to bed to try and shake it off. Roll on ketosis!

Thanks for your support guys .. it really does help enormously :)

Mandana x
Welcome Mandana to MiniMins!

Hi Mandana,

Welcome to MiniMins and it is wonderful to see you!

You were also one of my inspirations as well!!! I loved reading your thread and like the others have already said I am sure you could teach us all a thing or too. Your a STAR!

It would be great if you did a diary thread here with us.

Wishing you the best and I am sure you will be in "That Dress", before very long...

You look stunning in your picture.

Love Mini xxx