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Hello my lovely SWers!

Hi all,

I just thought I'd start a thread simply to say 'how are you?'

I'm stuck in a rut right now as it seems some of us are- is it Easter? Easter is a weird time- lots of chocolate around and, for us still in education, it is the most stressful time of the year. The stupidest thing is, I'd probably be able to concentrate on my work so much better if I actually ate what I was supposed to be eating instead of all this c**p!

Anyway I'm starting afresh tomorrow, writing everything down, sticking signs up all over my walls etc. I might even go to the gym! :eek: Unlikely but hey we can dream.

So yes anyway, how is everyone?

Skinny x
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:) LOL I know what you mean! I have had some fierce chocolate cravings lately and had a choccie bar yesterday which was lovely but probably 80000 syns, so I will cut back on my syns until weight in! This weather does it to me as well, the cold makes me want to eat lovely stodge!

I started back to exercising myself yesterday, and need to get back on the wagon, as I def lack energy! So finger's crossed!!

Good luck honey, hope you have a nice break coming up?

I know what ya mean too, last year I was in a similar position - At uni, in my last year! I actually miss it now, but the stress is a nightmare and it's so easy just to reach of rubbish than cooking a proper meal!

I used to make big boxes of fruit salad and nibble on them for the day, altho some chocolate did sneak in! :D Good luck with it all hun, I'm sure you'll do great and you can always sneak on here for support inbetween essay writing!

I'm trying to get rid of my cold atm but other than i'm okay, getting weighed today so fingers crossed! x
Ahhh bless ya i was the same in uni too, well once i finished my work id be so happy and celabrate with the whole frozen section of the dessert isle!
Hey hoooo
opps what happened there !!! i hadnt finished typing!
Anyways post your menu on the forum so we can all have a peek and get a few ideas.
Ruthy xxx
Well at least you guys know how I feel then! This is my last week of lectures before I have 3 weeks off for Easter- 2 weeks I will be doing nothing but writing essays (I have about 20,000 words hanging over me) but then in week 3 it's that time again- RUGBY TOUR!!!!! So that will be a week of solid drinking- luckily there isn't much food involved though ;)
well i know how u feel im a chocolate freak thats all i eat and im having really problems sticking to the diet and its only day 5 1st weigh in on thursday and couldnt resited weighing myself on some scales and ive lost 4 pound and dont know how i feel about itall i keep thinking is i want need must have chocolate but know if i start i ll not stop dont know what to do
It's all these Easter eggs- they have them in Tesco for only 99p and that's for a big easter egg and then 2 bars/little eggs with it! Every time I want chocolate I instantly head there- UGH! And they say they're trying to stop obesity :rolleyes:

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