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Hello! New but not new!

Just wanted to say hello. I've been lurking for a while but decided it's high time I started to post. Can I just say how inspiring I've found this site and the members on it. You seem like such a friendly and helpful bunch. I've been doing sw since april and have lost 14lbs. I really feel like I've been messing around since getting that 1st stone and need a good ole kick up the bum to get motivated again. So I intend to be around for some time, especially as I have around 5 more stones to loose :sigh:. So see you around folks!!!
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Hey Nikki :D
Welcome back and Good Luck with your weight loss journey :) I started SW for first ever time 3 years ago and have been pregnant twice in that period lol But I have still managed to lose 3 stone. I would like to get my BMI between 24 & 25 so I want to lose another 13lbs or so. Im finding it hard sometimes though as I think stuff it Ive lost the biggies so dont need to rush into losing the last few pounds but like you I need to get my ass into gear lol.


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
Hi and welcome (welcome to posting that is lol)

there are a lot of people here- its definitely a great support if you need that little bit extra :)

if it might help- there is an august challenge- basically a personal target to lose Xlb by the end of august :) there are a few of us in there- and we help spur each other on and give encouragement- it really helps me keep going :)

hope to see you around the boards! Gl on your journey!!

Thanks for your replies.

The support on here is fantastic.

Wow wendy 2 babies and still finding time to do sw!! That's brill, well done!

Little_bubbles thanks for the tip about august challenge. I'm off to the thread now.


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Nikki thats why I love SW so much I can feed my kids same as me as all the food is normal not extreme dieting where you have to have ready meals or calorie counting which with kids is impossible has its "Mummy, what u counting that for" lol. Id definately recommend this plan for mums, its easy to follow simple recipes and you can involve the family :)
I agree with you there Wendy. It's great to know that we're setting the kids off on the right path. I have a 4 year old and to be fair he's a pretty good eater as far as fruit and veg are concerned. He's always been encoraged with them though since he was tiny. I must admit though I struggle sometimes during weeknights to prepare different healthy sw meals as I'd like to as I work full time. What sort of meals do you all eat together?
I tend to go for quick & easy recipes like slimming world chips with eggs. Chilli con carne as the packets you can use when made up are only 2.5 syns. Jacket spuds with bacon and beans :) Pasta with celery, onions, carrots and meat of our choice and kids fave which is sunday dinner slimming world style lol.
I also like beans on toast with a fried egg on top and have started kids on porridge with chocolate spread in it lol
There are loads of recipes about and I treat myself to slimming world magazine every month to get ideas.
I find I do same stuff which if anyone reading this has a quick easy recipe that I aint got it would be great :)
Yes, I use the chilli packs too. They're yum.

Thanks, love the bacon beans and jacket spud idea.. so simple but so yummy! lol!

We all love the sw chips. I think they taste so much nicer than regular oven chips. Spag bol is once of our favourites too. Nice and quick!! I think I'll have a browse on the receipe links for some more tasy ideas.
Yes my family prefer SW chips to any others lol. Have to tell me if you find some yummy recipe ideas :)
it seems like its just me that isn't to keen on Sw chips.

Do you cook them exactly as the book says. Is there some secret i don't know about cause Im really not fussed
I basically chip my potatoes then chuck them into a pan and bring them to boil. Once boiling, let them boil for 5 mins then drain. Spray oven tray with fry light then plonk them on then spray again. Put in oven for 30 mins I got electric oven so I usually put them on between 200c to 220c depending what else im cooking with them :D

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