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Hello! Newbie alert!!

Hi gang.

I joined Weight Watchers last week after deciding enough was enough in the weight department.
I reckon I've got about 3 stone to lose, maybe 3 and a half.
Sounds like such a lot!!!
It'd be nice to have some support on this forum. Also, maybe it would be cool to have a diet buddy.

My name is Anj. I'm 27. I like films, gaming and cheese. Probably why I'm in this mess! :D

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I am on my 4th week now and its going well.
Never hungry but get a bit annoyed with having to track everything.
Had 3 birthday parties and a weekend away so far and still managed 2lbs per week so IT WORKS.

Best of luck and i would be delighted to be your slimming buddy.
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Awwww, thanks guys. Nice to know there's people out there just starting off too.
I had my first weigh in yesterday and i lost 3lbs. So pleased! :)

Anj. x
hey hun!

Welcome to the forum! Im sure you will find some great support here! :)
So, how are we all doing? Anyone had any weigh-ins?
Mine is tomorrow...... I don't think I've done as well this week. :(
Shall see tomorrow. Things are tough at the moment, I really hope it doesn't mess with the weight loss effort.

Anj x


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It's a good place to be for inspiration, support and tips. Group is good, but there's nothing like knowing there's someone you can chat to all the time. :)

I had my first SW weigh in today. Four pounds down

MsMia that's amazing. Well done.

NiaX thank you for your kind words.

Anj. X
3lbs down people. Woop woop!
Hello folks just been told about this site.....I have been doing WW for around 12 weeks and lost 20lbs but feel others are doing sooo much better. I have a long way to go but my goal is to buy something to wear at Christmas that I like and not just something they have in my size. Can anyone relate????
Hello X19ria, I can really relate to the buying something we like rather than fit into. I have joined slimming world today, I'm normally a weight watcher but I have just got so board with that and heard great things about SW. My friend has lost over 4 stone on SW, just hope I have the motivations and will power. Good luck to you and happy shopping in December. X
Hey everyone.

My name is Melissa and I joined weight watchers 10 weeks ago but in that space I have only lost 11 pounds. I am really struggling to lose weight. When I was at ww in 2008 I got down to 9 stone in just 2 months now I am 13 stone and not very hopeful I will get back to my goal weight. Is anyone else finding the propoints plan slower (losing weight wise!) than the old one??

Hi Mellisa. My own wright loss has been slow. Consider g what I have cut out or down on I feel it should be better. But hey ho let's keep going. I am sure it will be worth it :)

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