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Hello! Newbie. Ham and dairy questions. Please help

I'm starting attack tomorrow. Bit nervous lol
I'm really stuck on what ham is ok? Done a shop tonight and read packets of ham for ages. I'm sure the book says no cured ham but it all was cured??
Also which tightest are ok? I got onken Greek natural yoghurt and a yeo valley vanilla probiotic one. This ok? What others can you have? x
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Hello and welcome!

I don't eat much ham but when I do I always get the lean stuff. I have no idea what cured means haha. Maybe someone else can answer that.

As for the yoghurts Im not sure about the onken one but i use the neo valley no fat natural yoghurt. Did u buy the no fat/fat free yoghurts? We are only allowed fat free. I also use the eat smart ones from morrisons and their eat smart fromage frais. You can have muller lights toffee and vanilla ONLY! No fruit one or special ones with chocolate sprinkles :( most people on here use natural yog and add their own sweetner instead of mullers.

Oh and talking about dairy may I recommend quark? It's a low fat cream cheese and is lovely with a bit of sweetner added. My fav desert :)

Good luck! X
Thanks for the reply!

I'm not sure what cured means either. Book just says deli hams and cured hams not allowed. Nor is smoked ham so I'm at a complete loss :)

Yeah both are fat free but was unsure of the flavoured one as scared of sugary sounding ingredients. Good to know I can have some muller lights :)

Ah right, that's what quark is! Sounds good. Bit like cheesecake? Yum lol x


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Hi rainbow b. And good luck! I think the Yeo vanilla one has added sugar, but their low fat natural one doesn't, I use that or the Total Greek 0%.
quark is a milk cheese, also zero fat, and you can add all sorts to it, sweet or herby, spicy, garlicky, etc. It's very dull on it's own, though the texture is good. But it is a good price.


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I suspect "cured" hams means those made in brines that include sugar, honey or other flavourings. As in "Sweet-cure ham" or "Honey Roast ham".

Check the fat and carbohydrate levels in the yogurts - you are looking for the lowest achievable percentage for both.


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Waitrose have a low-fat english ham which is typically 3% fat (about as low as ham gets in this country) - it's on their deli counter and is sliced to order.

Sometimes a buy a small uncooked ham joint, soak it for 24 hours (to reduce the salt level) and boil it myself. It will easily last a week.

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