Hello newbie here... and question about the Dukan Diet...

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    First, let me introduce myself, my name is Andrea. I am an English girl living in New Zealand. I am about a stone/stone and a half heavier than I would like to be through quitting smoking last year. I have managed to quit the habit (20 a day for 20 years) and now I would like to get back into my jeans again! I have lurched from one diet plan to the next and a few weeks ago stumbled across the Dukan Diet.

    I started the Dukan diet about two weeks ago.. I lost about 5 pounds within that period.. I wasnt super strict with the diet (I was drinking too much milk and had time of the month in that period and so went through a couple of handfuls of nuts.

    I found it was very effective at me losing weight but I really struggled and I didnt feel well at all. I was really, really tired all the time and had absolutely no energy. I was getting home from work and putting my pyjamas on and falling asleep.

    Usually I hit the gym about three times a week when I get home from work, but whilst I was following the Dukan diet, my energy levels were that low, there was no way I could go. I dragged myself to the gym on one occasion and after ten minutes went home as I was absolutely shattered.
    Needless to say, I have stopped following the diet and am now wondering what to do. I loved seeing the results but I couldnt carry on with the way it was effecting me.
    I am wondering whether I can go back to the diet but tweak it to suit me and up the carbs a bit? But how? and will I lose weight? I am also wondering whether it could have been because I wasnt taking any vitamins/supplements. I have not read the book - I am following the diet through piecing together information from the internet and websites.

    Any opinions/ ideas would be welcomed! :)
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    Hi Pommy and well done for giving up smoking.

    The first couple of days of attack (where you should not have eaten nuts or anything illegal at all) are when your body goes into ketosis and stops burning carbs (as you have none or very few) and starts burning fat.
    During this transition you will get the dukan flu (like atkins flu). tired, miserable, headaches, no energy.
    BUT if you had stuck to the letter for attack (including the oatbran and NO NUTS) one day you would have woken up and had so much energy!
    Trust me I know those first few days are hard but with having the nuts/extra milk (which is surprisingly carby) will have just kept knocking you back to square one, thus never getting your body into ketosis.

    Im Dukanning now and exercising more than ever!

    And yes multivits are a must.

    If you want to benefit from the weight loss, you need to come on board 100% and stick to it during the attack phase especially to the T.

    Hope this helps hon xxxx
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    Lovely post Vicky... and very very true...

    Pommy - it's also useful to post your menu each day (in advance even, if possible at least initially). Many don't eat enough when they start the diet, whereas it actually works better when people DO eat plenty of lean meat...

    Good luck!
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    welcome pommy ,,our vicks and jo and a lot of other lovley ladies know a lot and will help u through trust me to ,this site is great !!!
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