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Hello ! Newbie here

Hullo everyone, I'm on Day 8 of the CD diet and doing ok (apart from the death breath and feeling cold :eek:) Weight loss so far has been pretty good but I would like to know if after two weeks I could move upto adding a small meal for my dinner ? Does this affect your weightloss much ?

I did ask my CDC about this and she wasnt very keen for me to do it, I got a rather strong impression from her to do SS for the whole time that I need til I shift all the weight I need to loose (which is quite a LOT! :eek:) however I'm a little reluctant to do that but the counsellor isnt that impressed that I want to, so am a bit stuck.

Also I've been reading about these Mix a Mousse things ? How do I make them ? Do I buy them from the CDC ? They sound quite nice and the ChocMint one I think would be quite delicious.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any replies

Kate x:)
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hay kate
welcome and well done lasting day 8 am on day 1 and am starving am so miserable:cry:
Hello and :welcome:

I'm only on day 6, so I'm not sure re: add a meal, I'm sure someone will advise you though.
hun if you want to add a meal to the plan there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that. Some people do find it affects their losses a teeny bit (maybe half a lb less a week) but I know on difficult days I will add a meal myself to help me get thru without cheating! The plan where you have one meal is known as 790 and should be in your book. There are serious restrictions on what you can eat- basically tho it is just white meat or fish, quorn or cottage cheese with certain allowed white and green veg. The portions are clearly laid out and you need to weight it to make sure you stick within the allowance. You also need a certain amount of milk to go with it. As I said tis all in the book.

Re: mix a mousse, this is a CD product and is available from your CDC.

If you think that in the long term adding a meal to your plan will help you stick with it for longer then you need to do what is best for you. It is YOUR decision and your CDC may be trying to help you, but dont let them bully you! xxx
hiya welcome to mini's. best of luck with your cd journey. i think people have the same losses on ss as on is it 790 plan? im not sure though! cant advice on the mix a mousse as ive never had it sry how much weight u wanna lose?
Hello and welcome Kate and well done on reaching day 8!! As Wannabslim said there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing one of the higher plans if that suits you better. Something like 790/810 is a good option with losses similar to that of SS.

Good luck hun

Thank you for your replies, the 790 plan sounds quite ok actually, but someone mentioned a book ? I wasn't given one.

All I was given was a Pamphlet which had been typed out by her saying 'Welcome to CD' and outlaying the do and donts of the SS diet.

Starting to feel like I should be changing CDC's :banghead:
im rading your replies to various questions you give good advice why arnt you one of those councilers ps excuse spelling not my strong point
Aww bless ya mate! Just passing on my knowledge, tho I am hoping to train as a CDC once I get to goal actually- I have been through all the trials, tribulations and successes of this diet so do feel fairly well equipped to advise others, but I dont want to be a hypocrite and offer advice if I am not at goal myself... I want to lead by example and not have ppl thinking "well it obviously didnt work for her"!!

You can train to be a CDC when your BMI is 28 or less and my CDC at the moment has offered to be my mentor, plus there is a distinct lack of CDCs who cover the area where I live so there is likely to be a good client base just waiting for me- so I am good to go really in a few weeks! Not sure what costs are involved though, that could be my only issue! xxxx


now got pictures in album
Sounds to me like you need to change your CDC. I started 2 weeks ago and was given 2 books.. This gives you all the information. You can eat food every day if you want to, its your decision, not your CDC. I've decided not to eat food as I dont trust myself at the moment!
New here to, my CDC said the literature had just changed due to an error (re cucumber) so I didn't get my yellow book until the end of week one.

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