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Hello :)

Hi, I'm new to the site so i thought i'd like to introduce myself.

I'm 16 and i am currently 19st 1 ( i'm 6ft 1) obviously i am very overweight and i'll be the first to admit it. I have joined here to get support off felow users as i often find myself eating one bad thing and then stuffing my face for the rest of the night despite eating well for the rest of the day.

I'm starting on a diet from tommorow and am going to excersise using Wii Fit.

This is what i plan to eat tommorow is this the sort of thing i should be eating ( not sure if calorie info is right but should be roughly)

Moday 5th April 2010
· Weetabix
225 Calories
· 1 Muller Light Yoghurt
100 Calories
· 1 Apple
80 Calories
· Can Of Mushroom Soup
200 Calories
· 1 Slice Of Brown Bread
80 Calories

· Salmon Filet & Broccoli
350 Calories
· 1 Muller Light Yoghurt
100 Calories
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Dont have any specific diet in mind, just looked in the fridge and came up with that lol.
:D I think that's great, it's so easy to make excuses about not having the right stuff in! I'm sure you'll lose weight if that's the sort of food you eat, though keep in mind you can eat more, in case you get bored or frustrated!
Thanks for the advice - i will eat more fruit it's just my parents dont really support me as far as the dieting goes so i'm embarred/ashamed to ask them to buy more fruit, just have to wait till they get some in.
Thanks for the advice - i will eat more fruit it's just my parents dont really support me as far as the dieting goes so i'm embarred/ashamed to ask them to buy more fruit, just have to wait till they get some in.
Ah, that's a bit difficult. Could you maybe pick up some cheap fruit from a market and keep it in your room? For a £1, you should be able to get enough pears or something to have one a day.

It must be hard if they're not supporting you though, have you spoken to them about it and explained why it matters to you?
I live with my Grandparents and they dont really seem to understand.

They call me fat a lot, but yet when i mention dieting they just laugh as if they dont believe in me for example last week i showed my told my Grandad i was going on a diet and he laughed most evenings after eating well all day my Nan will ask if i want chocolate bars or knock on my door and give them me and i cant resist temptation to eat them.

I see my Dad every day as well but he dosen't really support me he just dosent say anything really when i bring it up.

Thanks for replying to me, it's helping a lot :)
Ah yeah, the traditional role of Grandparents is to feed you naughty food, so I can see they might find it difficult! Does your Nan like to cook? Maybe if she felt like she was looking after you by cooking the right food, she wouldn't offer the chocolate bars? There are loads of recipes on here, you could print some out and talk to her about whether she could help you make them? Show her your plan for tomorrow and talk that through with her too.

As for your Grandad, I bet if you could stick to it for a few weeks and he can see the results he'll stop laughing!

I don't think it helps that they call you fat though, it just reinforces you thinking of yourself as fat and makes it harder to visualise yourself sticking to a diet.

Do you play any sport? Picking up your exercise might be a way for you to lose weight which other people can't sabotage.
My grandparents used to call me fat and it always hurt - and like you if I mentioned dieting they would laugh it off and offer me biscuits etc which I always found hard to resist. The best advice I can give you is say you are full and really don't want anything else to eat. I know its hard, but in the long term it will be better for you.

Welcome to the site, by the way, and remember we are all here in the same boat, all wanting to loose weight, so if you need to chat, rant, vent or whatever, we are all here.

Good luck
It must be really frustrating for you, especially when added to the stress dieting brings anyway!
My folks always bring bad food into the house, and eat a lot of takeaways when we're out etc. Sometimes the temptation is too much, I'll admit, but I'm trying to focus on the end goal. After all, you're changing your habits for you, no one else.
I've started scribbling in a notepad which I'm finding really helps. (I used to hear people doing this and I never thought it would be much use!)
I write down reasons why i want to lose weight - both positives I want to achieve, and negatives I want to lose.
Also write down what I eat/any exercise I do/my general feeling of how I've done.
It really helps both as a distraction if I'm hungry!, and to give you an overall feeling of how you're doing. Sometimes a bad day doesn't take away from a hugely improved week.
Anyway, I hope that helped, welcome to minimins and good luck! =)
I have to say that actually this forum helps....if I'm feeling peckish which doesn't happen too often now thanks to Go Lower, or if I'm just a bit fed up, I go on here, have a read, reply to a few threads or whatever and I realise I'm not alone, its all normal how I feel and then I feel better and because I've distracted myself I no longer have the urge to eat, but feel more motivated to continue.


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