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Cruise PV Help a newbie pls x


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Hi! You need to consult either the official site or the book for which veg you are allowed - basically, anything not sugary or starchy or fatty - the BIG NO-NO's are potatoes, sweetcorn, carrots (high in sugars) avocado (which is technically a fruit I believe anyway!) sweet potatoes, etc etc, what you CAN have are for example: peppers, mushrooms, green veg like cabbage, spring greens, leeks, onions, tomatoes (bizarre, seeing as a) they are a fruit and b) they are quite sugary! i have kept my tomato consumption low), cauli, broc, cucumber, lettuce.

Definitely have a read through before you get to Cruise - and remember, your Oatbran goes up to 2 tablespoons per day, your water needs to be up there and you need to alternate your PP and PV days.

Simples, right? :D lol!
This is the list of veg I had before I started Dukan (my friend told me about it, gave me a list of what she ate/was allowed). Carrot/beetroot to be used with care!

Tomato, cucumber, radish, spinach, asparagus, leek, green beans, cabbage - all, mushrooms, celery, fennel, salad leaves, chichory, kale, swiss chard, aubergines, courgettes, peppers, carrots and beetroot.



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Philli EXTRA lite is a tolerated ingredient (and restricted to 30g a day), so I'd advise you to save it for a day when you're desperate rather than using it at the beginning of your diet.

Could you update your User CP please (top of page, blue rectangle).

Good luck, and remember that this is a high PROTEIN diet, so protein should still figure highly in your PL day menus. Please also post your menus in the daily menu thread (in advance for the next day is a good idea when you're starting out so that someone could prevent your eating something ill advised!)

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