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HELP!!! Advice needed


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S: 18st1lb C: 18st1lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm in week 12 of foundation, and have come to work and forgotten all my food packs for the day.
I'm meeting a friend for coffee tonight after work, so it's unlikely I'll get home before half nine-ish tonight.
So far I've had 2 large cups of coffee, and 1 large cup of tea so far - but - I put a splash of semi skimmed milk in the tea as I really can't take it black. I know week 12 is supposed to be 'milk week' although my LLC hasn't mentioned this to me - my question is - will this take me out of ketosis??

I've lost 3st 2.5lbs so far and hope to hit 4stone off by the end of foundation. Don't want to blow it at this stage.


S xx
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Do you live far away from work? I persoanlly would pop home in lunch hour and grab a pack. Either that or drink planety of water and just hold out til I got home on te evening, the only risk with that is that occasionally you can feel dizzy if you don't have a pack til late. Really it doesnt matter when you have them as long as you have them at some point during the day. If you do really really need to eat. Make sure its just something like ham or chicken, that shouldn't knock you out of ketosis.
I don't think that small amount of milk should knock you out of ketosis, but milk week does temporarily I trhink if you do it like it says. But I wouldn't make a habit of putting milk in your tea or your losses won't be very good. Hang in there you'll get through this sucky day!
Hi I agree with donnalou I would snack on chicken or any other food that is protein if you couldn,t get your packs. You will continue in ketosis and still lose weight. Don,t worry just don,t starve yourself. Goodluck.


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You shouldn't need to snack on anything, you won't be hungry as you are in ketosis.
I used to frequently have no packs in the day and have them all when I got home and know plenty on here who do the same every day.
It is easier if it is planned. It can be a shock the first time you go out and forget your packs, but you are just in the habit of eating.
Try and keep a spare bar in your bag and in your desk for emergencies.

Keep up the water and you should be fine.

I would really urge people not to turn to eating anything even just a bit of protein, just because they forget to take their packs out, it is easy to think 'I need to eat something' but you don't. As long as you can get your packs at some point in the day it doesn't matter.

However, if you do get dizzy spells try water first to see if that helps, then try a small amount of protein like turkey, chicken, tofu, low fat cottage cheese. Try and make sure that any meat is not cooked in something though. Try not to go mad, 80g is plenty.
It will temporary knock you out of ketosis as your body will burn the calories from that and not fat, but only for a short time. You will still lose weight this week, but it can lead to a very slippery slope. Eat with extreme caution!


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I'm with Ali in that I wouldn't eat - I sometimes don't have any packs till about 7 - 8pm especially at weekends and I used to regularly not have any until about 6.30 and then have all four during the evening.

You shouldn't really be hungry, it's just mind over matter in a way ---- just make sure you have plenty of fluids.


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S: 18st1lb C: 18st1lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks, managed not to eat anything ( by the time I got to meet my friend I wasn't hungry anyway!) and didn't take any more milk in my tea or coffee. just had a bar and a hot choc shake when I got home. Have been advised that the little milk I had won't have knocked me out of ketosis so panic over!

Have got my packs today, never fear!



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S: 18st1lb C: 18st1lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I was jangling by the time i got to the hotel to meet my pal with the amount of caffeine i'd drunk!



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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
LOL - high as a kite just on coffee :) Well done for sticking to it - you'll be so glad you did now that you'll stay in ketosis :)

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