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Help! Eating out tonight???


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I know I should post this in the eating out section, but I think I'll get more replies if I post here as Im off out TONIGHT! ARRRRGH! Please dont move this post, pleeeeease?

So Ive done a search, and discovered NOWHERE is SW friendly. I cant beleive WW is better for eating out :eek:

I have the option of most high st restaurants to choose from, Yo sushi, Nandos, Prezzo, Pizza Express, Dim Dum, Cafe rouge, Strada.

I also am shocked that the official SW website has little info on eating out, another tick for WW. :eek:

So Ladies, please help where should I eat tonight? Im on EE or Red today as having a salad and prawns for lunch, nom!
Everything looks so high in syns im shocked, 1/2 a Leggara pizza at Pizza Express is 12ish syns :( This was my special treat when on WW :(


Should I just have what I want, being mindful and then go flex syns the next few days. I feel I have no option but to do this. :(
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Prezzos is good - have one of the grills (chicken), just ask them to go easy on the sauce and/or cheese and have salad not fries.
Nando's is okay, with corn and salad. Not too many syns.
Avoid the pizza places!
I would say Nando's or a curry

If you can do a green day, veg dansak is 5ish syns i think, thne boiled rice, free, so not bad at all.

Nando's I have 1/2 chicken no sauce & salad, you can have rice on ee plan.

Could you not have the prawns as a b option on a green day??


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If you go for a curry then EE would be best. Plain boiled rice with dhansak or tikka. YUMMMMM.
I would go for Nandos - have a red day - half a chicken (take off the skin and its free) and have with a 'dressing free' green house salad!!! yum!!!! xxx

enjoy your night out though! xxx
Biryani on free on EE
Mixed grill and salad on free Red
Chicken Tikka
avoid Naan bread but popadoms can be syn'd

Any chicken without skin

Avoid cream / cheese sauce's have tomatoe based sauce like arribata


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Ooh I'm in the same position - prob going out for tea tonight too. I've been so good this week though and I'm reluctant and don't know what to do! I'm craving unhealthy things so much lately, I don't even remember the last time I ate pizza either!!
Must. Resist!
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Pizza express a lot of the salads are quite SW friendly (without the bread sticks and dressing)

Pubs usually have loads of SW friendly choices especially carveries but any pub usually has jacket potatoes, steak, gammon etc just ask for it prepared without butter oil etc or allow some syns for any used.Pasta with tomato based sauces are also easy at pubs italians etc pasta arriabiata etc

I way prefer SW for eating out over WW. Because i do not have to starve all day or eat pointless soup so I can have a meal.

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I'm with Derbynanny. I eat out almost every Sunday and have had no problems finding SW friendly food.

I usually order a roast dinner, or steak and substitute the chips with a baked potoato.

Theres always a fish option on most menus, and if anything is accompanied with something which woudn't be SW friendly, I just ask them to leave that off, or substitute it with something else.

Most places are pretty flexible these days.

Hope you find something and enjoy your meal.


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S: 20st10lb C: 20st6lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 43.5 Loss: 0st4lb(1.38%)
thank you all so so much, nandos it is!

I love this website :D xx


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I would go to prezzos....and have the spaghetti with tiger prawns which comes in a chilli tomato sauce....its amazing!! and has never done me any damage :) Enjoy whereever you pick! xx

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