Help needed with eating out


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Hi everyone new to this site, lookinh for some help/guidance its the other halfs birthday and were going out for a meal tonight, its a toss up between a village pub that serves homemade grub or a african carribean restaurant ive managed to get the menu for, but am i right in thinking get a steak and have new potatos and veg with it?? I dont think i could do that without any sauce so is gravy my safest bet? Or is there another dish you could suggest? I know they do steak in gravy with a puff pastry lid would that be an option and leave the puff pastry?? The second restaurant the african caribbean type called manjaros and the menu is online Manjaros i think? One dish is chicken skewers chargrilled with peppers served with pitta and salad and chips or a marinted chicken breast with chips and salad?? There the best i could see on menu? Its looking more like the pub to be honest! I live south of middlesbrough and the chicken parmesan is a big hit on menus around here and although id love that i know its probably the worst thing!! Want to enjoy my meal though as it a family celebration xxx
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Hiya, if it's pub I would go for the steak with potatoes and veg, that's usually my fave pub option! Or if they do a chicken breast option I'll ask for that without sauce. You can always syn sauce, although I've got used to having steak without it, as long as it's not creamy it should be fairly ok. I just prefer to save my syns for alcohol lol. For the Caribbean place either option sounds good apart from the chips :)


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You might want to specify that they don't brush the steak with oil before cooking it, and watch out that they don't slather the potatoes with butter for you.

I always find eating out tricky; last time I went to Wagamama it was all planned out in my head and when we got there they had no edamame and had run out of the other thing I'd planned to have. :)