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HELP!!! finding SS Hard!!!


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hi im a newbie, started on monday, tuesday, wednesday and oh yes today....
i cant help it im finding it so hard i keep pecking away at night thats when i get sooooooo hungry. I try drinking water but that makes it worse n plus its TOTM.

Im slowly giving up hope, i can never seem to stick to a diet and trust me ive been on all.... im really getting depressed about it ....WHY CAN IT BE EASIER???

Ive put on around 30 kilos during pregnancy.. i was so naive, i thought pregnancy was all about eating for TWO...lol and that the weight will go straight away....BOY was i wrong...


Has any1 felt the way im feeling and is there a light at the end of the tunnel???

stoshy xxxxxxxx

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Hi stoshy,

It is a hard diet but once your in ketosis it does become so much easier.

By picking you are delaying getting into ketosis and setting yourself back.

At this stage I would ask your CDC to put you up a plan instead of SSing...you can then move down into SSing when you get a routine established.

You might find it easier that way.

Love Mini xxx
Hiya hun, i finished my first week yesterday and found it so hard. I didn't give in however just thought of how much i really want to shed this weight. No matter what i put in my mouth it wouldnt have felt as good as stepping on those scales last night and seeing 10lb had gone FOREVER along with 3 inches from my waist. Hang in there it's worth it xxx
Im only on day 1 and was finding it hard until I came on here and got some support. I slurpping water like nobodys business and wating for the Ketosis to set in. Stick with it!!!!
TOTM is a hard time to start. You have to get yourself through the first week to understand how much easier it is. I did whatever I could. Go to bed early, take a night time sleep aid if you must. Stay away from the kitchen. Throw out the bad stuff. You can do this!
I am on day 4 today I feel okay, perhaps a little toooooooooo grumpy lol. I tell you my strategies so far.

I have a list of all the reasons I want to lose weight, it contains lots of thing even the little things are on there.

I have bought a x stitch to do and jigsaw for necessary distraction (but not needed them yet).

I've been in the bath every night.

I've watched SATC on paramount and thought of all the lovely clothes I'm going to wear.

I've been through the next directory and circled clothes.

I have put the weighing scales in front of the fridge (it annoys my H and today that's a bonus lol).

I'm going down to my Mums later to get the foot spa she has never used.

I put washing up liquid on my children's leftover so I can't be tempted.

My H has ate things I don't like all week.

Oh I have bought a colouring book too.

I have also been looking on the La Perla website but goodness knows why because I won't be able to afford anything even when it will fit.

I look at the inspirational slide show on here.

I know that some of them are weird but find what works for you and good luck. :D


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Don't give up. Once you get through that first couple of days cheat free it is so satisfying that it gives you a boost. If you can do 1 day - you can do as many as you want.
Good luck.


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Don't give up, once ketosis kicks in its the best feeling in the world & when you jump on those scales at your weigh in it will all be sooooo worth while! Best of luck xx


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You just have to hang on in there until ketosis kicks in, that might be in as little as 3 days, sometimes a little longer, but when you get there you will feel so much better and it will all be easier.

There can't be many of us on here that haven't been exactly where you are now, so keep posting and you'll get all the support you could want, to get through the next few days.

keep going- keep posting and coming on here. Distraction is definitely the key, have a bath, read all the posts on here or like me now plug
your ipod in and drown the world out with a pint of water lol

good luck xx


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Please stick with it, this diet really can change your life for the better!
It's really hard for the 1st week or so, but the benefits to being thinner are never ending!
THANKS too all of you I was so ready to give up and regret even starting the diet...... but now you guys have reasured me and given me support that i cant even get at home..!!

But now im gona take every thing u all advised me on board and stick in there cos i feel like this is my last attempt......

seriously from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU

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