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Help-got to goal, now stuck :-(

Hi all,

I would love some advice esp from the cdc's and those that have gotten to goal.

I got to goal last friday and was very pleased. I was then advised to have a 810 week and then from tomorrow or saturday i should be on 1000. But i have found this past week v hard, i can't stop picking and am sure i will have gained at my weigh in tomorrow. I can be a bit bingy and after our childrens party at the weekend we have some nice bits in the house and i keep reaching for them :cry:I know i have some head stuff to work on still but i would feel happier if i could gain some control back.

810 isn't too much different from SS+ with a meal, being a veggie i can't eat 275g of quorn so have stayed on about 200g. Quorn mince just ends up being brown dried crumbs so i am looking forward to going onto 1000 week.

On the 1000 plan do you have to stick to those exact foods? I notice on the next plans up there is a receipe that says you can have sweetcorn yet its not listed as an allowable veg. Or can you just count up to 1000 cals on healthy food and good potion sizes?

I feel like i have lost my way and would love to just sticking to choosing my packets as its so much easier! We need to do a food shop and i need to buy some food but don't know where to start :-(

There are soo many threads and posts on the other boards but on the maintenance section it all goes quiet. Do not many people get to maintenance and stick with it?

I love that i have lost the weight but feel so confused about how to stay this way?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated xxx
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Hi there, I reached goal at beginning of August, but I got to goal working up the plans. I did 2 weeks of each plan, so 2 weeks on 810, 2 weeks on 1000, one on the a plan and one on the b plan so did eat the recipes in the book as it was only for a week, once I reached 1500 I went on holiday, so didn't stick to the recipes but ate sensibly and have done ever since. I got down to 9 stone 13lb, but have now decided to lose a bit more, so have started 810 again this week.... but I had no trouble maintaining after working up the plans.... but will admit still get cravings and find it hard not to stuff myself with the wrong things at times, it is all just control though and if you really want to stay slim, you will beat all the cravings. Good luck...


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Hi Poppygirl - I think for some of us it is really hard to introduce food again and it's an ongoing learning curve. It has been hard for me and I haven't lost any weight really since I went on the 1000 plan (am now on 1200). This isn't because the plans don't work, it's because I don't work the plans :rolleyes:

I "should" lose another 10 lbs or so to be at the ultimate goal I set before I started. I assumed I'd be able to lose it using the 1000 or 1200 plan, but it hasn't worked out that way. I have therefore decided that I will at least maintain for the next few months and then try to lose a few more pounds after Christmas.

I have no answers other than to keep trying and don't beat yourself up when it doesn't work. Oh, and it might be worth writing down your motivations again as it is easy to forget why you wanted to get to goal (i.e. the number on the scales) when you get to a weight that feels OK (even if not great).

Not sure if I make any sense - I haven't had my morning coffee yet :D

Starting a diary here might help you as well - Good Luck!


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Good luck, Poppygirl. The learning curve starts here, but hang on in there and keep trying and you will be OK. Once food is back in the picture so many challenges appear, but working gradually up the plans as Greeneyes and Alli advise is the way to go... and yes, start a diary. It helps a lot and we all support each other... I couldn't have done this without my minis friends.

thanks xxx

thanks everyone for your replys. I am feeling much more positive now. I had my weigh in on friday and had gained 2lbs but my cdc was not worried at all as its first week after goal.

we had a bit of a treat night saturday night with a lovely M & S pizza but dh and i shared it whereas in the old days we would have had one each. I had a v picky day on saturday but today feel much more in control.

Cdc has said that i can be on 1000 cals and try and keep it low gi. Being a veggie does make things harder and i feel ready for the freedom of eating three meals a day but keeping in control.

I have started a food diary and am trying v hard to keep to 1000cals. I realised today that this is it now, i have gotten to where i want to be, where i thought i would never get to and i DO want to stay this way. If i have a day where i go slightly off, i won't suddenly wake up massive but will have to reign it in asap. I talked myself out of having things today and i think thats the way it will be for a while, feeling slightly crazy and having little battles in my head and hopefully the new slim side will win through 99.9% of the time!

We have a lovely big Tesco shop coming tomorrow afternoon full of lovely healthy things and we will be cooking up some new recipes.

I will still have my 2 cd foods for the next few weeks. Today i had a veg shake when i wanted something i shouldn't and it really helped.

I am looking forward to living life now as a slim person, having ups and downs but being in control!

I hope to be a regular on this section as i think support is crucial.

Thanks again xxx


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Glad you are feeling better!

The steps up from SS/810 are REALLY important, for example, if you are on the 1000 step you still need 2x CD packs a day to ensure you are getting adequate nutrition, so do be sure to include them. And its important to follow the plans in the CD booklet and not just stick to a 1000 cal count and try to keep it low GI. There is a lot more to it than that, about balancing the ratios of protein, fats & carbs, including green veg & salad, etc. Once you have spent several weeks working up through the steps or plans you can then go on to your own version of maintenance, where you are aiming at a certain amount of cals (between 1500 & 2000 usually) that will keep your weight stable as well as cover all your daily nutrient needs.

I am veggie too and found that although there wasn't a huge amount of variety on the steps (you will eat a lot of quorn, tofu & cottage cheese!) it is very much do-able and a really important part of re-educating yourself after CD. Wasn't sure why you said you can't eat 275g of quorn 'because you are veggie'? Is that because you feel it is a lot? I agree, it is!!! Just eat as much as you can of it... I loved the chicken pieces, swedish balls and also the quorn fillets, as they all kept their shape better - like you I can't stomach the mince (bit too much like real mince for me!). I also used the sausages, sliced up, in stir-frys and stews or in pitta with salad.

You can do this hun, look forward to seeing your maintenance diary... and welcome to CD maintenance!!! Enjoy!



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Hi Poppy,

Congratulations, you've done so well to reach your goal. The learning really does start here and there's lots of kind knowledgable people here to help, thank goodness! I'm not one of them at the moment, but I'm happy to lend support and encouragement. :)
Thanks Bess and Katycakes for your replies.

Katycakes-i know what you mean aboout the veggie mince, if i don't like the taste of meat then i won't like veggie food that tastes like meat either lol! I love the idea of veggie sausages in a stir fry, never though of that before! I am def having the 2 cd products, no worries there. Will be having a cuppa of white leaf tea and a bar in a mo-i can't go back to milky tea now, so funny how your tastes change! I'm not sure how long i will be on 1000 cals for, a couple of weeks i guess. I am happy calorie counting and i am pretty much sticking to the recommended foods but i feel so ready to have different tastes and colours. I couldn't wait to have a colourful stir fry!

Thanks Bess for your support, means a lot xxx


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Those were my feelings about quorn before CD, now I have made myself see it as 'protein' and it helps a huge amount. Had a lot of driving to do yesterday and was eating quorn 'ham' slices in car and son was wailing, 'oh mum, how could you' but for me it was a lifesaver! Last week was working away & ate more egg sandwiches than I ever wish to see again, ugh, so yup, me & quorn... bring it on!

I was vegan for 8 years when my kids were small (no it didn't stop me from being obese) and learned then to drink my tea & coffee back. These days I love milk in coffee & a latte is a real treat, but tea... HAS to be black. Funny, isn't it?

You seem to be doing really well Poppy, keep on keeping on!


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