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help i am losing my hair!!!!!!!!!!

S: 14st6lb C: 14st6lb G: 9st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

I had heard this might happen but I am really worried - my hari is shedding away at a pace & as I have thin hair anyway, it looks really awful, thin, luimp & scraggy. I am considering hair extensions to thinken it up a bit!

Has anyone had the same problem??
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Your hair loss is due a physiological response to the actual weight loss process rather than the diet. You can be reasurred that hair does regrow usually thicker and glossier than before.

You should notice new hair growth as well. :eek:
The end result should be a slim you with lovely hair.
hang in there.
I can sympathise as I too am enduring hair loss. Not clumps (so far! :eek:) but lots of strands whenever I wash it. I was so paranoid that one morning I picked them out of the bath water and counted them (60!!).

Whenever I brush my hair I am also cautious and make sure the brush is hair free beforeI use it so that when I check afterwards I will know exactly how many have come out!!! I may very well have a case of OCD going on here!! :D

I have stopped washing my hair every day and now do it every second day - washing seems to be the worst but then maybe this is when I notice it most!!

I am not looking bald or thinning (yet :eek:) and I am hoping that I wont.

I have got my head around it by telling myself that there is nothing I can do about it now. The loss is linked to the fact that for the past 11 weeks I have been surviving on 500 calories a day (with a few slip ups :eek: - but not many) and I am now reaping (what a pun!) the rewards. Even if I was to start eating normally now my hair would continue to drop out until all of the old growth has gone. In effect the damage is done.

I don't think that extensions would be a good idea because if the hair root is already weak, extensions are likely to make the situation worse and you could end up losing even more hair. That is one of the risk of extensions for anyone - remember Posh?!

Have you considered a different style? That may be the way forward.

And don't forget the hair loss is only temporary (well that is what has been promised!!) - I haven't yet seen a bald or balding ex-LLer. In fact all of the people I have seen, both in person and in magazines look fabulous and that includes the hair.

Chin(s) up old thing.


has started again!!
My hair is falling out too. I notice it much more when I wash it, but maybe thats because it is dark and looks more when wet?

I had mine cut short,and although its prob mind games, I dont seem to notice it so much as its now shorter hair falling out rather than great long strands!

My hairdresser said its fine, and agreed with the LL line that its perfectly normal due to the diet, and it will regrow!

Dont worry too much, will you Hun! {{{hugs}}} for you.

Hi there, if you read the last LighterLife magazine (not the present one) there is a diary of a member who talks about hair loss. It does come back don't worry
If you've started eating again yur body also relaxes and says whew food, now I can let go of the hair then! It will come back but as a thinnking person even without LL can understand the alarm but it will come back!

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