Help. I've cheated...


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:(:(:( Day 10 and I cheated. I feel so bad now.
I went out for our work "xmas" do today and I could not face the questions so ate a very small ammount of lunch (1/2 potatoe crocquet and two forks of rissotto). It says in the LT info that this leads to immediate hunger (yep very very hungry now) and will put me out of ketosis - my own fault. Jumped on scales and have put on 2lb since this morning (panic)...
Very stupid.....
Had my shake this evening so damage will be limited. How long will it be before I reach Ketosis again? Any ideas? Will the next 3 days be as rough as days 1-3 starting LT?
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rainbow brite

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Hi there hun. Sorry to hear that you caved, however remember that it's not the end of the world and that you can undo the damage with a few extra days of hard work.

How long until you reach ketosis once more depends on your body really. As you ate carbs I imagine you completely knocked yourself out of the big K so you may find that you will be going through days 1-3 once more. On the other hand, as you have already been on LT for 10 days prior to the slip you could well be fine as your body is already rid of almost all carbohydrates.

Remember - if there really is no way you can get out of eating for whatever reason, stay AWAY from carbs. Lean white meat and green and white veggies are your friend.

Good luck getting back on the wagon hun. :)


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I wouldn't worry about the 2lb, I weigh 2 or 3lb heavier in the evening than I do first thing in the morning.

If there is the odd occasion where you cannot avoid food - I went to a couple of parties and didn't want to draw attention to myself - then like Rainbow says, avoid carbs and pick at cold meat and a tiny bit of salad or veg.

But please don't do this regularly. Picking leads to full blown eating because you realise you can get away with it. You can't. It will bite you on the arse soon as look at you.

As for your 'cheat', put it behind you, don't stress over it or you'll think "well I might as well have this cake", just carry on as you were doing because 10 days will have made a heck of a difference and one blip won't undo the last 10 days.

Z x


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Sorry to hear that of your blip but dont worry about it. The more ya dwell on it the worse its gonna make ya feel!! It will probably take the same time again to get back into it but just learn from it and move on. Gud luck hunny


C: 14st3lb G: 11st7lb
Thanks for all the advice ladies. I feel much better now. This is the last ever cheating I will do as I completly agree that it can lead to a bigger binge.

Maybe a few days of getting back into ketosis will remind me not to do it again!

Hugs to all!


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as they said, i shouldnt worry too much about it, it could have been the end it doesnt matter if someone does say something to you, its your body and youve got to be selfish and think about you for a while :) think of those fantastic results at the end!

h xx