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help ive had a blip


I will never give up
hi everyone i was on day 25 yesterday and i gave in and ate some chocs and a yoghurt today ive woken up feeling guilty, rough, ive got heartburn and just feel sick. what shall i do? shall i just start again from today and change my weigh in day to thursday as i dont want it to affect my loss and if i see i havnt lost then i m ight feel disheartenened. please advise me.
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Otherwise known as Jools
Hi Spyro, the best thing to do would be to forget about it and carry on TFR as you would normally do. You may have knocked yourself out of ketosis a bit but put it behind you and carry on. You may have a slight gain or less of loss than you might expect but dont let it ruin all your good work so far. Keep your weigh in day as you would normally have it - but get back on the wagon this morning. We are all human and blip now and then does happen. Admittedly the choices of the food you had were not the best but dont beat yourself up too much. This diet is not the easiest to do and you have to have strong willpower to do it - but you have come so far and done so well dont ruin it now.

Dust yourself off, start again with a fresh day, dont worry or feel guilty about the blip - refocus your mind and remember why you want to be doing this diet. Good luck and keep busy with lots and lots of water and before you know it you will be at goal :D

Hello, I hope you don't mind but the only thing i can do is pass on some excellant advice i was given by my doctor 10years ago after worrying myself silly about a really stooopid thing. It's helped me so much over the years. :)

"I wouldn't worry about it, it's done and you can't change it so there's no point in beating yourself up and making yourself ill about it - your human. Todays a new day and a new start for you, your family and loved ones will still love you and your still alive. Many would trade places with you for your life, things could be much worse and this blip in the grand scheme of things is insignificant!"

It's something that i really try to bear in mind if ever i start getting upset, wound up or worried about anything that i can't really change. I hope that you don't mind me sharing it with you as i know it may seem a bit harsh to some but i find it really helpful.

I'd try to learn from this little blip and if you ever feel like you might slip again, think back to how you feel now and hopefully it'll stop you from doing it again and making yourself feel so bad again.

Good Luck and don't worry about it, just take it in your stride and carry on.

Smile and wave boys, Smile and wave. lol. ;)

Take Care


I will never give up
Thanks guys i think cos im due on at the weekend im finding it difficult to resist.lol
Hi Spyro, hopefully you're back on track today? You're doing so well sweetheart don't give up just because you had one slip, just remember next month how you felt yesterday and try and prepare yourself for it......

Bloody hormones!

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