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HELP! I've lost the plot....


Grappling with life
I lost a lb last week by the skin of my teeth, got past my 1st silver seven and since then I have just eaten anything remotely edible and some things not even close to edible if I'm honest. Feel so bl**dy angry at myself but can't stop myself.:mad::mad::mad:

Even now having just sat here and eaten a big bag of prawn crackers I am thinking I need something sweet to finish it off!

I have this evening been handed my invite to my ex-husbands wedding next July, 32 weeks away. I would really like to be at goal then, I don't want to be the fat, frumpy ex wife. I still have 54lb to lose to be at goal.


[email protected] [email protected] [email protected],

I do feel somewhat better now. I have barely been on this site all week cos I have been so bad.

Some one slap me.

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I've completely lost the plot today aswell. I just put a post up too...I cant stop eating! Just finished dinner and i want chocolate! Ughh its so hard sometimes isnt it? How long have u been doing ww? I've been doing it for 14 weeks ive been fine every other day but not today. I just want anything and everything! Sorry I'm not helping. Maybe it wud help to think of why u joined ww in the first place? I'm getting married next year (8th may) and i want to look good and feel good on my big day. Ive bought a size smaller dress than what i am just now so i really need to loose more! I keep looking at my dress online to remind me of my goal! If only i cud print the photo off and have it on my fridge but cant cos of my fiance lol!

Here's to a new day tomoro. Write today off. Draw a line.


There. It's now forgotten! Here's to being healthy and happy whatever your weight. x
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same for me - think cold weather has an influence - so today am going to make sure i have a hot drink every few hours. Bit warmer here this am than yesterday though
have a good day both of you


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Put the food down.

Get online and find yourself the outfit you woudl love to wear in the size you'd like to be. Underwear and all, I recommend something really foxy and borderline-sluttish.

Then go and have a nice steamy bath with some yummy smelling unguents in, take a cup of tea or coffee in with you, and close your eyes and PICTURE yourself wearing it, picture yourself totally rocking it and looking fantastic. Picture people being visibly amazed at how gorgeous and slim you look.

Nothing you can eat this week is going to make you feel as good as that will, is it? The best thing is, it's not just a pipe dream, you can totally acheive it! Draw a line under being off-plan don't beat yourself up any more, just find some new resolve to make this happen for you this time and start again, NOW. Not tomorrow, don't write the rest of today off, start again NOW.

You can do it.

A bit O/T, I don't know if you guys have children but can I just say I'm really impressed that you and your ex have a mature enough relationship that he feels able to invite you to his wedding, I think so many couples rip each other apart when they divorce and I find your situation really refreshing. This, of course, does not mean you can't vamp it up like a starlet and show him what he's missing!
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Thanks Dharma for the advice - I hope pinkyfluff is having a good day I am on track today and heading for the pampering session after I finish the ironing and prepare my lunches for work this week so that I can stay on track !!!


Grappling with life

I'm having a better day today, had some crumpets for brekfast, then had a christmas dinner in town, I did have a mcD's hot choc and a walnut whip though which was a whopping 9 points combined but I have written it down, have used all my daily points + 4 weekly today. TBH I am well over my weekly amount as I didn't count for a few days so I don't know where I stand BUT I am logging it again.

I am still freinds with my ex, makes it so much easier for my son and all concerned. He came to my wedding a couple of years back and my now husband and him have been known to go out drinking together, my ex was responsible for getting my husband home after his stag night. He and his wife-to-be are always invited to any parties we have and he is still very much part of the extended family!!! Obviously it has not all been plain sailing but we had a very easy divorce.

Like you say though, be nice to look stunning on his wedding day eh!

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What would be really nice is if in response to a desperate thread like this, someone would say "Fantastic news - scientists have discovered you can stuff yourself silly all day as long as the temperature is below 10degrees C, and still lose weight". Argh how my imagination works when I am starving hungry and dying for chocolate :)
S: 16st4lb C: 13st8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 2st10lb(16.67%)
my husband bought me the green and blacks sampler pack and it has 24 pieces in it all different flavours and they are only 2 pp each so I am a happy bunny !


Grappling with life
Ooh i looked at that green n blacks pack yesterday and though that might be better for hubby to et for my stocking rather than the usual ferroro rocher and toffifee!



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I buy the packs of Ritter Sport chocolates from Aldi. They do some really nice varieties and are 2PP each. Because they are individually wrapped it's easier to leave some unwrapped in the pack for another day!

Also those Cadbury Magic Elves with the popping candy are 2PP and a nice little treat.
Hi well done for getting back on we will have days luke thus it's learning how not let th roll over to months lol
How many pp in a hot chocolate I sit in there 2 Saturdays a month they have mcd I have 0 I love they're hot choc :)

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