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Nah your alright with that. I always drown mine with loads of chilli powder and it never done any harm to my weight loss. I couldnt stomache the soup without adding something else to it.


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Another who adds chilli flakes, chill powder, garlic salt and black pepper. Lost 5lb in 5 days so it can't be doing too bad. Also tested with sticks and still in ketosis


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Soup was tough.. made it thick.. that didnt help, will have to try watery and if not then no more... did ask chemist about adding stuff to it.. he said no but from reading on here it seems an ok thing to do..

Well done.. keep going! :)


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I love the soup only add black pepper yummy and more water than its says on the packet.


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i tried the soup on the 1st day of lipotrim and cried i havent been able to try it again i really don't think i can i have never liked cup-a-soup things,

as the others have said as long as your not adding bread etc i am sure a bit of chilli and pepper won't hurt

good luck xx

can't wait to get back into ketosis day 1 for me


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Lol well hats of to those who like it!
Dont think ill be asking for it again. Just two more packets of it and its all gone, yaay