help me please =[


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im so struggling this week. Iv stuck to SS 100%, but this week i have came to braking point :cry:Its totm and its been going on for a week, my stomach is sore n swollen. Im starving!! i could eat my on arm :sigh: i feel faint and tired today. hellp :sigh::break_diet:
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Laura Croft

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Can you distract yourself somehow? It's okay to have cravings, and they can be mean nasty ones during TOTM but what about making a list of why you are doing this, or write a letter to yourself, or go and try to try on some clothes that you want to fit and stand in front of a mirror. That always used to motivate me ;) I know CD can muck up TOTM but if you aren't feeling well, you should seek some help.


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Oh hunny! How about a pampering session, nice hot bubble bath, face mask, nails, moisturise?

If you get really hungry then maybe an extra shake my help. Try not to eat anything if you can, the moment I started, it stuffed up my head and I've struggled to get back 'in the zone'.

It's not easy, but you can get through this xxx


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So sorry that you are having a hard day Kimmie. Your losses so far are brilliant.
I had one terrible TOTM day last year, I thought I was turning beserk.
Had an early night and woke up as a calm and rational human being.

Please try the suggestions - such as a lovely bath, a hot water bottle in bed, light a lavender candle.

You have proven you can do CD well - this is probably the most difficult day you will encounter, think of the great days when you have discovered your superb losses, best of luck x


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thank you so much girlies =] I just got a pounding headache now =[, hopefully be okay in the morning x


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How you doing today? Hope you are feeling sooooo much better xx

I felt the same Weds but I'm feeling back on top of things today.
Good luck hun xx