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Help me....please....

Hello everyone. I popped my head into the forum last week as I had good intnetions to start TS. Well, it didn't quite work out like that (sorry). I've been doing it maybe 50% and I have actually lost 7lbs. I just found it so hard not eating proper food, to the point that I couldn't sleep at night as I felt so ill. At the time I thought this couldn't be good for me...it was as if I was punishing my body. So I guess I have two questions. Is this normal? Have others not been able to sleep for the first few nights? And secondly, when will I get into ketosis? Does it REALLY get easier when this happens? Do you think it is worth me buying those strip things as an incentivce to keep going? I am so desperate to lose this weight. I'm having a very down day but know I have to pick myself up again. Please help! I don't know who else to turn to.....Ailsa x
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Hi Ailsa, you are not going to do into ketosis if you carry on eating, although I do not know what you are eating, the less carbs the better.I have not heard of anybody not sleeping, this is normally all in the head because you are convincing yourself you are hungry. If you have been doing this 50% and losing weight, stick to it then, look on the website for the simple solution or another one.

Another thing, this diet is not bad for you, and you are not punishing your body, well you might be if you should not be on TS because you do not need to lose weight but generally we go onto this diet because we need to lose a large amount of weight and need to cut of our relationsship with food. TS might not be for you.


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Hi Ailsa

Yes I always have trouble sleeping the first week, my body always seems very restless due to lack of food, yes this does pass :) I am on day 10 now and sleeping as normal :)

And secondly stop beating yourself up I did TS for my first week last week and only lost 0.75 lb more than you.

It is a lot easier if you stick to the diet and get into ketosis it stops the hunger, although I crave food now I am not hungry at all.

I don't use the strips, I just assume if I have been sticking to it 100% I will be in ketosis but everyone is different

Cheer up Ailsa you've done really well losing 7 lbs! Pat yourself on the back and have a chat with yourself see if this is what you really want to do dietwise (I think it is great! especially the not being hungry thing) and then start again tomorrow!

Good luck :D



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hi alisa, i been doing this for 3.5 weeks now and done realy well. but last night i binged and let myself down, by eating you stop ketosis which makes u crave and hungry, it was my own fault last night and i am paying today as those cravings are back as i broke ketosis.
otherwise it took approx 8 days for me to settle and was 100% before last night, i just have to work hard again now to get into ketosis to stop my hunger, well its not hunger its cravings and temptation more.
i am and i will do this, good luck
I know that I'll find it hard if I keep 'picking' everytime I'm in the kitchen. I found it a very odd feeling not having proper food in my stomach.....but that's probably just an excuse! I guess if I stick to it 100% there will be no need for the strips. It's just getting to that stage! I've decided to give it one more go on TS ove the weekend. If I'm really struggling, I might consider changing to Working Solution. I'll let you know how it goes....thanks guys x


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hi , i had a couple of restless nights but its like mark said you think your hungry.
ketosis can happen from day 3/4 and it does help ive been doin it 10 days and i lost 9lbs in my 1st week . Im not hungry at all but i do crave and that is where it can confuse people into thinking there hungry .
Try it for a week im sure it wont hurt you! . Your doing more harm to your body by eating junk than this diet . Think of a goal that will motivate you not to give in .
hope this helps you and goodluck xx:)


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