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help me!!


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i have just about convinced myself that i should be able to have the odd low carb meal because of the way ketosis works. i shouldn't be kicked out of ketosis and should still have large losses. i feel like i should be trying to get this diet working in the right way for me personally but at the same time would feel really guilty about not following it 100%

i don't know what to dooooooooooooo.

abz xx
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Personally I would try and stick to it 100%. If you give into cravings now will you then think its ok to have 2 meals, then 3? If you can break the habit of thinking and wanting food now it has to be easier to keep the weight off when you are trying to maintain.
Well personally I think the idea of randomly adding a low carb meal would be way too much temptation for me and I would be adding in loads of things by the end of it!

However, I can see your point and if you think you are strong enough to resist the temptation then all well and good, go for it.

Why not try the add a meal week or the 810 plan whihc does allow you add a low carb meal so you have the comfort of the meal with the same restrictions as ss?


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Abz thats so strange, i just posed a new thread as i am feeling a similiar way...I want to stay 100% and i know you do too, lets hope it's just something in the air today making us feel like this. I have my next wi tomorrow so maybe will feel more motivated after that (cross fingers). When is yours hun?Xxx


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next tuesday :(

i've just been craving meat for days and days. that's all i want. but more than you can have on ss... i just don't know what to do... i know that this diet controls your life but surely i shouldn't feel this guilty about wanting to eat food. especially if i'll still lose weight on it. waaaaaaaaaaaaagh... hopefully i won't give in by the end of the evening...

abz xx


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I know excatly how your feeling right now chick, try and stick with it but at the end of the day you have to do what is right for you and if you think that you can control what you eat and do it in the right way then have a word with your cdc and go from there. Thinking of ya.x
I also have been craving meat this week it may be that i only have sweet shakes. It was my 6th weigh in tonight. - A couple of weeks ago i lost 2lb and had been doin ss 100%. My CDC told me to eat a meal to try and kick start my motabolism - i had a piece of steak and a green salad and lost 3lb - On sunday i had chicken tikka with green salad and a boiled egg and i have lost 4lb -
i think i am goin to have one carb free meal a week now - it gives me somethin to look forward to and it is nice for us to eat as a family.
I feel guilty not bein 100% and it may slow down my journey but life must go on.


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that's exactly how i am feeling linznel. like the diet should work for me, not me for it. but i don't know if i can take feeling that guilty :(

part of me just wants to dive into a bit of meat but the other part of me is thinking 'but what if that ****s it all up?'


abz xx
If it's any help at all those of us on w8 add a meal every 4weeks on the rapid plan or a meal a day on the regular. Knowing that the losses on regular don't vary much from the rapid I use it as a fallback in difficult times (TOTM and I've added a meal tonight, means I won't go raiding the kids crisps and biscuits later) I know generally we are told that we are only emotionally hungry and not physically hungry but if you can then satisfy it with a healthy decision rather than going for the chocolate and crisps option it can't all be bad can it? Using this method I have managed to stay on the plan where I may otherwise have fallen off.
I dont feel mega guilty cos my cdc was the one who told me to do it and cos she lost 14stone in 11months and is a nutritionalist she is the next thing to god to me lol.
Of course i want to go to sleep and wake up a waif but I have lost two pound off 2 stone in 6 weeks I cant complain at that.

Abz you are in control of your own destiny - you do what you want to.
Afterall your only craving a bit of meat - not chocolate cake or a three course meal.
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i know, i know. and looking at your losses. wow. how much have you got to lose linznel? from your pic it doesn't look like much...

abz xx


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abz babe, you have to do what works for you... me and OH are seriously considering one meal per week because it really seems to
work for us... and is it something to look forward to...

as you have said, you need the diet to work for you, think about what you want... it's your life, if you want that bit of control for goodness sake have it...

life is too short babe and you need to enjoy your weight loss, at the end of the day your still gonna lose your weight... linzel is right too...

i was meant to re-start first thing monday as you know, but since i had that extra time off i thought "sod it, i'm gonna enjoy this time out" and didn't restart until today...

i may get some grief for this post, but at the end of the day you need to do what is right for you and what is gonna get you through in the long run xxx
Hi Abz - bless you -
Why do you think it's just a head shot lol -
I have still got a long way to go i havent set a goal
I started off at 18 1/2 stone two weeks after a miscarriage
I started the diet so that I could focus on somethin else and its workin so far x

Here Here Goolian x x


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yeah me and thee started at roughly the same weight linznel... and it is weird but this diet seems to consume my every thought...

just wanna get to goal of around 12st mark by my birthday on 5th nov... don't really know what weight i wanna be cos i'm 5'10" and don't know what weight would look perfect on me... gonna get to the 12's and see from there...

just hope i can get there by november... ideally i wanna be size 10/12 but dunno what weight i would need to be xxx


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you've lost nearly 2 stone in 6 weeks though. that's amazing!! do you find that having a low carb meal once in a while slows down your weight loss at all? i'm just really worried that i'm going to bugger all this up :(


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i want to get to about 11st 7 goo and then just go from there and see how i am. last time i was that weight i was a 14 so we'll see.

my size 20 troos are almost falling down but the size 18 troos i have are far far too small!! so annoyed. i tried them on today thinking if they were close they might help me stay on 100% but of course they were miles off, ha.

abz xx


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i'm like that too abz... was in 20's orig - nearly 22's...

now i'm in my 18's which are a bit big but 16's still a bit tight lol

it's awful being between sizes... xx


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abz we are gonna get through this and look amazing... as i say my aim is for 5th nov to be at goal or lower...

got OH's sisters wedding next year and i am gonna make sure i look fabulous in a size 10/12 dress..

my motivation is majorly high at the moment cos the bride at the weekend had been doing cd for four months and her dress was initially a 20 and had to have it taken in to a 10/12...

i know all the pics on here are amazing but seeing it in the flesh on someone you really care about, cos she is an amazing girl, i can't explain how it makes you feel... and the fact that she was complimenting me too just tops it off and shows just how worth it this diet really is xxx

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