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help me!!


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all i've done this week is gain weight... half a stone. it's possible it's hormone related as i just had my implant taken out. however. if i post yesterday's menu can you tell me if i'm doing anything obviously wrong? yesterday wasn't the healthiest day in the world as we had to go food shopping last night but i stuck to the rules...

brekkie: strawberry muller light, apple, few grapes

snack: apple.

lunch: supernoodles.

snack: four ryvita with laughing cow light triangles (2)

tea: 3 quorn bangers with a little mash and a few beans. muller light.

snack: four dried apricots.

used milk allowance in drinks throughout the day.

as far as i can see i didn't go over my syns or my healthy extras. am i doing anything massively wrong? eating far too much? what?

abz xx

abz xx
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Morning Abz, Ive just had a look at you menu hun and this is what Ive come up with I hope it may help you .

Brekkie=all free foods
snack= free food
Lunch Noodles syn values could be high on these depending on if you are doing a red or a green day and also what flavour you had or where they the fat free ones??

3.5syns upwards (i think) Im assuming you were doing a green day.

snack= 4x ryvita=HXb
laughing cow light triangles are 1.5syns each or you can have 5 as a HEA or B (on a green day)

tea=all free on green

4x dried apricots=2syns

HEa = milk

It looks to me that you arnt eating enough, are you measuring your milk allowance?? Make sure you get your HE s. Not sure I helped at all hun, keep at it you know it works.xxx


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have been doing sw for a week now gemma. just trying a change of pace since ww didn't help me much and i didn't want to just give up entirely.

sorry. i should have been a bit more detailed shouldn't i?

laughing cow was a healthy extra. so was milk. (HEAs)so were ryvita.(HEB)

supernoodles were 3.5 syns as i bought the wrong ones.

and yes. i was doing a green day :)

i have been eating pasta or potato or both every day, not much bread, ryvita with laughing cow, fruit, veg with dinner are all staple things i have been eating. one day i had a mini bag of m and ms which were my entire syns allowance for the day!! couldn't believe that so won't be doing it again...

so yeah. i don't get it...

abz xx


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It does look like you aren't eating enough hun. Some of the gain could be hormonal, I don't know a lot about the implant so I'm not sure what that will do to your weight. When are you weighing in? I think that as you have an abnormal situation this week (the implant) you should draw a line under it and start afresh if there are no obstacles next week. Here's what I suggest for what it's worth:

Eat more free food - fresh prepared where possible rather than pre prepared stuff and try to limit yogurts to no more than 2 per day.

Drink plenty of water, at least 1 litre a day either plain, flavoured or with squash. I have a 1l bottle of flavoured sparkling water every day (3 for £1 in Asda and Tesco at the moment)

Replace 2 of your cups of tea/coffee each day with green or red tea (but not the first cup of the day)

Don't increase or decrease your exercise, keep it stable for now

Have at least 5 Syns per day/70 per week and don't be afraid to use them all.

Try new recipes, you will find plenty on here and on SW site.

I hope that helps x


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ruddy heck. all i do is eat!! when i say 'snack, grapes' i basically mean picking through a punnet of grapes throughout the day... :S

as for using syns... well i don't really want to eat anything that has them most days... i suppose i could use some olive oil spread in my mash etc?

yoghurts to two a day... might have to restrict myself on that one... especially now i've discovered the rhubarb one :D :D

will up the water intake but generally i have several cups of tea and coffee and about 1.5 litres of water a day...

if there's nothing glaringly obviously wrong... i don't think i could eat more. with the ryvita as a 'snack' i already felt like i was having an extra lunch, ha.

well today i have my mac n cheese pasta n sauce for lunch which is 1 syn.

i have a low fat super noodles if i get hungry mid-afternoon as i'm not going to be home until late.

was thinking of making a quorn stir fry with loads of veg in it for tea tonight. i have my grapes at my side. have had a rhubarb yoghurt...

have had a splash of milk in my coffee...

guess i'll just keep on ploddin'... and hope i don't end up HUGE...

abz xx


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If you didn't eat a lot of fruit before then that could be your problem! Whilst fruit is great, when you suddenly increase your intake it can cause constipation at first. Also fruit breaks down in your stomach much quicker than anything else so if you are eating fruit you should have it BEFORE a meal rather than after or it will break down but be stuck behind other stuff still breaking down and turns into gas which will make you bloat.

As for the Syns, in another thread 3 people 'connfessed' to gaining weight (I was one of them) when cutting out Syns. Believe it or not they are essential!
I've heard of a few ppl that have had a problem with eating too many grapes actually. They are not a speed food, so perhaps try a different fruit, could you alternate grapes with berries/melon etc?

As Taz has said, do make sure you're having your syns, I don't lose too well when I restrict my syns. It is really hard getting your head around using them up, but you could use them for spice mixes (schwartz are good), sauces, drinks, nuts/seeds etc if you don't want to use them on sweet things etc.


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thing is, i purposefully keep them low so that if i mess up somewhere the mess-up is accounted for... i'm not great at measuring milk in drinks etc... and like to store them up for if i do want something.

oh. by the way, since there are people here, how many syns is a veggi delight subway sandwich if you use up your HEBs :D

abz xx


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good grief!! still. i see potential for using up more syns :D

is that with sauce or without taz?

also, can we save up syns for an event or are we not allowed to do that?

abz xx


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i can see a subway sandwich in my future :D may save it for a weekend treat since we just went food shopping... :D

and if we can use them weekly then maybe a chicken and mushroom with boiled rice from the chinese may not be out of the question occasionally either... oh. red and green days. ok... something vegetabley with boiled rice from the chinese as i would have no idea how much chicken was in it for a HE.

abz xx
I echo what others have said and also would say to focus on superfree food (the yellow pages of your book) and not just free foods. These will really help to boost your loss.
taz you have so much helpful stuff to say you're a mind of useful info.
how do you know all this.?!
thankyou even i have learned from your replys x


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taz you have so much helpful stuff to say you're a mind of useful info.
how do you know all this.?!
thankyou even i have learned from your replys x
I have been on SW for 5 years :eek: with many bumps in the road. I learnt a lot by trial and error and a lot by observation. Experience, I think, is the simple answer!

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