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Help!moral Support Needed I Am Going To Fall Off The Wagon :(


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I only lost 1lb yesterday after a full week and Im really down about it.
It was only my week 4 weigh in and everybody else in my class is still losing 5.5lbs + per week so I feel really bad :(
I was so happy this week when I got in my skinny jeans as it meant I was one step closer to getting into my wedding dress but now I feel its all slipping away from me.
I want to lose another 2st 12.5 before the big day which is just over 5 months away and at this rate its not going to happen :cry:
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Hi Pixie, try not to be too disappointed, think about how much you have lost over the first month, I'll bet it's more than you would have lost on any other diet.
Has it been TOTM? Sometimes I know that can affect your weight. Also bear in mind that people lose differently, some people lose 1lb one week & 6 the next.
Because so many things can affect your weight, our counsellor takes our measurements every week, as sometimes even though weight may not be different, measurements will be, which is just as much a boost. Maybe try keeping a record of your measurements every week & you might see the difference there :)

PiX! Reality check needed and FAST!

You have lost, what is it? twenty something pounds to date?
You have 40 lbs left to go and five months to do that in!
In a MONTH you have lost over a third of what you need to lose! You are SO on track to do this!
You have struggled so much with the shakes and you are still managing to lose!
You are a FANTASTIC girl ... clever, articulate and soon to be stunning in that wedding dress!

As many peole point out, there doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason as to why losses are greater for some weeks and less for others! It happens that way and sometimes we just have to accept it ... but look at the bigger picture! You are right on track and don't let this little set-back affect how you are feeling!

Chin up!



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I would like to re-iterate what Caro has said, you have done so well and will easily be at your target by your wedding. Dont be down on yourself, and stick with it. You will have a good loss next week when the others have a smaller loss.

Keep smiling and keep up your great work.xx
oooh, and just one other thing ...
I think that your weekly 'predict you loss here' thread is fun, but do you think you are putting extra pressure on yourself by comming those predictions to type - It's making you compare your losses to those of other people ... and don't forget that there are loads of new starters who will always have really impressive losses in the first couple of weeks. Even if you're not aware of it directly, I think it could possibly be affecting the way you are feeling about yourself.
... it's just a thought.


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I also lose slowly but I always think the weight loss is being consolidated and it is consistent weight loss. Look to the positive. It all adds up! Even with a pound off I sit in the bath and think 'another lump of fat gone!'


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Thanks guys :(
I think its just cos Im freezing today (even more than usual!)
And I feel down in the dumps!
I'm trying to drink more water this week as i have never really managed my full 4 ltrs before only prob 3 at the most recently so that might affect things.
Also the lemon thing, I went to the pub with O/H last Sat after my weigh in and asked for water no lemon but they put one in!
I didn't realise til I was halfway thru the glass as it was wedged at the bottom so I couldnt taste it I wonder if that took me out of ketosis for a few days?
When I tested yesterday I was well and truely in ketosis though....
I shouldn't think the lemon will have affected things - but you were possibly dehydrayted at your previous weigh-ins. I find the water really difficult too.
You sound a little happier.


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I shouldn't think the lemon will have affected things - but you were possibly dehydrayted at your previous weigh-ins. I find the water really difficult too.
You sound a little happier.
I only started drinking more yesterday so I was dehydrated at my last weigh in too.
The lemon is the only thing I can think of which may have affected me.:confused:
Hi Pix

Put those skinny jeans back on girl and check out the size label before you do!!
Just keep going...you've done soooooo well! I bet next week will show a bigger loss.
Chin up

Christina x


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Hi Pix,

The lemon can take you out of ketosis for a little while and in this time the danger is that you will get the hunger breaking through and break your diet.

As ketosis is what keeps it at bay.

I have lost 1.5lbs. this week and before I would let it get me down and now I know that it all does average out as you go along.

As everyone has already said, we should not compare our weight loss with others, even though we do, as I have seen the key is to stick with your diet and do it 100% and you will get there :)

Predict your weight is good fun...I had 2.5lbs. for this week:rolleyes: 1lb. off!
Love Mini xxx


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Hi Pixie :)

I'm also sure that your loss next week will be more like what you had anticipated after being 100% on your plan.

This is exactly the time NOT to give up and hang in there honey. It has happened to so many of us on here and we really do understand.

Hope you're feeling a bit better today :D
S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
no no no no!!!!

Stop it!!!!

This happens to me frequently and you really have to just let it go! My losses fluctuate a lot and mine are on the low side of average too, so thats more to be down about but generally I choose not to be down! One week its a little the next week maybe more you can't base an opinion on any one week EVER!!! Only ever look at your losses over a number of weeks its the only true indication of how it is going!

The fact is, if you stick to this diet you WILL lose weight and it will go faster than on any other plan!

Chill out Pix!



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Pixie, can you imagine what we're all doing at the moment? We're all virtually shouting ...

Don't do it! Don't do it! Don't do it!

What'll happen if you DO give in to those negative 'crooked' thoughts? Will you get to your goal? Or will you undo all your hard work of the past few weeks and be back at square one?:(

As everyone else has said, don't compare yourself to others in your group (yes, I know it is hard not to). Crooked thoughts are always there waiting quietly to grab the opportunity to exploit you when you feel vulnerable. They have no mercy.

Focus on the good stuff (skinny jeans!). Banish those bad, negative thoughts to the wheelie bin where they belong!

You will achieve your goal easily within 5 months!

We'll all be there to cheer you on when you do!
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Aw! Thanks guys I love you all!
The support on here is amazing like having loads of mini counsellors in my head!
I feel a bit better today and you know what?
In 6 months time Im gonna post a pic of me on here all skinny in my wedding dress and my honeymoon bikini piccies!:D
S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
Thats the attitude Pix!!

Look forward to seeing the pics, bet you'll be stunning!

Pixie I've just seen your thread. Glad to read all the posts people have sent you. They are sooo right! There is a lady in our group who does everything she should do but "only" losts 1lbs during a week. She said she takes her measurements every week because they make more of a difference than the weight. Besides you have lost a tremendous amount to date. It will naturally have to even out a bit every now and then. Next week you may lose more to make up for it. I weighed myself Friday night and hadn't lost any in 4 days, but Saturday night I weighed myself and I'd lost 4lbs. Keep at it - it is worth it!!!


can do it this time!
Pixie - def keep at it. I went to drop in on Friday and was gutted that I'd put on a lb, but then went to class tonight and have lost 5lbs overall so I'm thrilled. That's a stone in a fortnight which I'm thrilled about. I know the pace will slow down now but what a boost at the beginning - and 3 people told me today I'd lost weight, which made my day.

hang in there!:D

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