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Help! My CDC is ill and I cant get my order!

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Hello all!
Been lurking here for weeks now and I need your help please!
As title says , went to CDC house tonight to get weighed and stock up but there was a note on the door saying she was ill!
I have two sachets left (im on SS+ , 4 shakes and milk) which will last me until tomorrow mid afternoon but im already in a panic in case I cant get anymore tomorrow!!:cry:
What usually happens in cases like this, surely this isnt the first time a CDC has fallen ill? And advice?
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Thanks,I will call them tomorrow, I did check the CD website and its seems my CDC is the only one in my area. :sigh:
Oh well just have to wait and see if she is better tomorrow!
There are also CDC's that dont go on the website, so make sure yo call. What did the note say, did she not give a time when she would be well or anything??
Perth is not a million miles away, maybe a 25 minute drive , I suppose its worth a phonecall to ask her? I dont drive so hopefully she will!
Thanks for all your help!


Gone fishing
And if that fails, bang on her door. Shout through her letterbox until she answers. Then ask her if she knows another CDC, as I cannot for the life of me believe that she is so ill she can't possibly get your order to you:mad:

Sorry folks, but it makes me so mad.
totally agree KD, its wrong when people are counting on the support of a CDC
Hope you've got something sorted.

How rude of your CDC just to leave a note - I'm sure she could have just handed you a couple of sachetc to keep you going until she was better.

I agree KD - makes me mad too.
That is terrible! How un-supportive of your CDC! I hope you get something sorted out, to be honest, this diet is at times hard enough, you don't need this extra stress you poor thing!
Hi thanks for all your advice,good news is I received an email this morning saying she is better so ive to go around later today! Thank goodness,i was in such a panic last night just at the thought of running out! Been on this for 9 weeks now so stopping is not an option as Im doing much better than I thought I ever would!
Thanks again to all who replied!


please try again
glad youve got it sorted but really how hard would it have been to give you a handful of packs and said she would see you when shes better, you didnt know if she was going to be ill for a day, a week or longer
Glad you have got sortde hun, I think Irene is right you should get a few extra just in case.xx
glad to hear you got your situ sorted - not ideal but least there is a good outcome.

I can't believe it was suggested you should knock on her door till she answers, oh my god, aren't cdc's allowed to be ill???? what a load of tosh. Yes, a cdc should make alternative arrangements but its not always possible.

Suppse it should be a lesson to us all to make sure we have a few extra days for these kinda situations.

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