Help needed please about WW


I want to be slim !!
As i cannot officially start WW til i have the books etc (next class is tue), please can someone help me answer a few questions,
Ive been told i will be allowed 20 points due to my height and current weight, and over the weekend i have stuck within these points. BUT.. how do i know what points value fresh veg is when its not pre packed and has no info on pack ??
Also if i choose not to use all my 20 points is that ok, (ive been on CD so im now use to not eating as much)
Will i loose more weight if i dont use all 20 points ?

Any advice would be great,

Id need to check my books about veg as I dont eat them :(

You CAN eat less points but youre recommended to save no more than 4 points a day. Eating too few points can have the same effect as not eating enough. Youll find though on 20 points youll probably use them quite easily.

Good tip about WW at Tescos. Did you know Tescos own label low fat foods all have WW points on them for you? :) Their meals are (IMO) LOADS nicer than WW ones
thanks for the tesco foods tip..
Wish i'd known that this afternoon !!

Hopefully someone will know about the veg as i do enjoy my veg..
Thanks sooooo much Sandy..

You have been a great help, and the tesco tip is a great help,

Some veg does have points, like sweetcorn, parsnip and peas .. they have 1 point per serving ...

Sorry .... but great that you love your veg!!
I went on WW back in 01 and lost 6 stone and went down to 8stone. It took me 2 years to loose the weight and in the end I ended up eating just fruit to shift the last stone. They give you too many points so it takes a long time. Some weeks I did not loose. You have to be extra determined to go on this diet as you can eat everything, so temptation kicks in. 1-2 years after reaching goal I put most of it back on! When I went on it you had to eat a minimum of 14 points which they have now increased to 18. I would stick with 18-19 points a day for faster weight loss and sign up to the WW website which has an online calculator for all foods. Stay away from curries and treats include: French fries (1.5 points) curly wirly (2 points) make a bread and butter pudding with WW bread, skimmed milk, plus powdered sweetner and low fat custard. YUM YUM! Good luck but I would stick with CD for quick results.
The points you are allowed are worked out for best weight loss. If you eat too few then its as bad as eating too many and you wont lose anything.

CD might have the fastest results but its too severe for many people.

Saying that 18-19 is best for a quick weight loss isnt accurate. They also work out how many points you should have per day a different way to how they did previously, because of this, I personally am on a bit more than 20 points per day. If I only used up 18/19 it would be counter productive and Id lose nothing at all
Marie... (Imariedr) Thank you soooo much for the veggie list, that will be so much help to me..

Elaine.. (bunnycd)..Thanks for your reply, but i have to say, the reason i have decided to try WW instead of CD is because ive already lost 2 1/2 stone on CD and im now back in a size 12 jeans, so i really only need to loose another stone,
I think what ever diet we all do has it downside, and i beleive that if you go back to eating crap then yes all the weight will go back on, but that is the same for CD too,
Cd is a brilliant quick fix and a way to loose weight mega fast, ( I KNOW I LOST IT ALL IN 7 WEEKS)
BUT... I also know oneone who put it all back on within a few years just like you did with WW.

I wish you all the luck in the world while on your CD journey, its a Fantastic diet, but you DO need will power, Which luckily i did have for the 7 weeks i was on it..

If you were me and you know how it felt for me to be fat then you would know i have no intention of getting fat again,
Far too many tears were shed over my weight,
Amen CJ, I know how you feel.

Great tips about Tesco, I had no idea they did packs with points on, definitely worth a trip tomorrow (shopping day!).