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Help Please, thanks...

Hi Maximoo, yeah myself and my wife just have the soups and shakes. Soon going to run out of soups (left over from last year) and we are going to be on shakes only. The calories and nutrients are basically the same so no problems there.
As the others have said you can have either a soup or shake three times a day. A bar can only replace one of those soups/shakes per day. Saying that, I do find the bar more filling. They are bigger than the lighterlife bars and I find them really delicious. The bumper mixed pack containing shakes, soups and bars is good value on Exante. It works out around £25 per week.
I find the bars really filling. I cannot eat a full one at once, I have to break it down throughout the day. I ordered the bumper pack of soups/shakes/bars but when I've finished, I'm just going to order the shakes (because I cannot stand some of the soups, but love all of the yummy shakes!)
HI, I'm just a shaker too, can't do the soup, I did cambridge and as the bars are higher carbs I know cambridge you couldn't do bars for the first few weeks so I'm going to have some bars nearer goal. I have the shakes hot, cold and sometimes frozen so they're as versatile as you can be.
I'm not keen on the soups as they are, but I make them up with a lot more boiling water and a good splash of Encona Hot Pepper Sauce, plus a few chopped fresh herbs if I have them. They are much more palatable (and filling). I like spicy food, so it takes away the bland flavour. I use a cheap Tesco handheld wand blender to whisk it up and it really does taste pretty good if drunk while still hot.

The hot sauce doesn't contain citric acid or anything detrimental and it hasn't slowed my weight loss.

I have eaten a bar a day nearly right from the start; I don't eat it all in one go unless I am really, really hungry. I'm on my 12th day of Exante and have lost almost a stone. I really enjoy my daily bar. Without that, I am sure I would find it much harder to keep to the Exante diet. I've lost 1lb per day for the past few days.
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Thanks everyone for your replies :), I'll stick to the shakes and might order some bars another time, hopefully they will arrive tomorrow, anyhoo, good luck on your journeys xx maximoo xx
I wish they did a shake and bar bumper pack as I prefer the shakes to the soups! Could we start a petition?? haha xx
That sounds like a bloomin good ideal lol :D I would definitely go with that! xx maximoo xx
My email to exante said:
Dear Exante,

I'm part of a weightloss forum online and a few of the members, including myself, have expressed an interest in the possibilty of a "Shakes and bars bundle"

Is this something that may be available in the future?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Just emailed them this... we'll see ;) xx
Well done Biz, we did the same thing last year, June I think it was about including more flavours, they told us they were looking into it so it seems they may not be keen to change to anything.
Rubbish! At least it's worth a try! I'm spending £200+ a month with them for me and my fella. They should be trying to keep me happy! ;) xx
Lets see what the reply is xx maximoo xx
Oh I agree Biz, but the same products that we bought last year are the same we buy now and I am sure you are not the 1st to ask this type of question. They may argue it is their way of keeping prices down because to be honest they are way cheaper than anyone else.
But yeah, I agree with you.
Seems they won't listen to little old me then!! Might just have to sacrifice the bars next month and just have a shake pack then! xx

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