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help!!! please!

ok i have a question thats been driving me insane.. so thought id post it here. Im kinda scared of carbs! And really want to sort it out!

Id just like to know if a gram of carbohydrate is a gram of carbohydrate.. no matter what form. An example would be lets say 20g of carbs in vegtables... compared to 20g of carb in cereal... i obviously am ararse some carbohydrates like the cereal may make you feel hungrier after a smaller period of time.. but carbohydrate and gaining weight wise... is every gram of carb equal?

and second question... if i stuck to a diet under 50g of carbs a day... would i be sucsessful still if i included bread and a bit of cereal in my diet? as long as it was under 50g a day?

sorry! just cant get me head around the whole thing..
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hi hun, il try and help out but cant promise as its hard to word it. some carbs are good and some are not, the main carbs to avoid would be those from sugar. if u look on a food lable it will say the carb content, then under that it will say 'of which is sugars', that obviously isnt good. alot of diet foods contain this bad carb as often the things they take out to make it low fat or low cal is often substituted with something else, usually a disguised sugar. a muller light yoghurt for example, the total carb content is mainly from sugar, where as bread carb is mainly carb, about 28g i think of which only about 1.6g is sugar. if u were having only 50g carbs a day, u will be on low carbs but i dont know if it will be low enough to put u into ketosis, if thats what u r hoping for?? i dont know if u r or not. i really hope iv not confused u more and have offered u a little help ??? to sum it up, a gram of carb in veg is better for u than a gram of carb in cereal as the veg will have no added/hidden sugar and cereal is more likely to contain hidden sugars, but not always so just look at the lables and see 'of which is sugar' content, if it is close to or equals the total carb, u know its more sugar than u need. HTH x
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