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Help Please

My daughter and I had our second wi tonight and she is most upset.

I started at 15+ stone she was 17+.
First wi i lost 8Lb she lost 5Ld she thought she would have lost a lot more but I said you would probably lose more next week.

Tonights wi I lost 4+threequarters
and she had only lost 3 lbs.
she is very down-hearted, we have not cheated once and drunk loooooooooots of water.

Next week she says she is going to come off it if she only loses a couple of pounds.

We know any loss is good but when she sees the weight losses here in the first few weeks she wonders why it is not happening to her. Can any one help please?
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I was told that "as exact as 1+1=2, the science of Lipotrim means that you will loose at the very least 4lb for every week when averaged out"

speak to your daughter about this.. any loss really is a good one,and if she is very serious about changing her life then do not to give up so easilly. You couldnt expect so good losses on the majority of diets out there. She may just been feeling the strain as Lt is very hard emmotionally too. Keep her reasured that its going in the right direction.
Is she having her shakes at regular intervals throughout the day, because prolonged time between shakes could mean her body is thinking she is not going to feed it and maybe clinging onto what it has.

Only mentioning this because someone I know had small losses for the last two weeks, but she had been missing 1 shake most days, so her body looks like it has gone into starvation mode.
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I think she is setting her sights too high. What other diet is she going to lose 9lbs in 2 weeks and as someone else said tell her to split her shakes throughout the day like instead of three have 6. Is she doing any exercise? Any exercise at all helps and even though she is sticking to the diet 100% if she is not as active as ya she will naturally be losing less. Does your daughter have access to the internet as well? I think she should come on here to get more support as this site is great for encouragement and advice. Reasure her that every bit that comes off is in the right direction and if she is serious in doing this for herself then she should be into 100% and that includes the days she may feel bad about the diet. She cant base her losses on what you have lost or anyone else on this diet. Everyone loses in different ways but personally I think both of ya are doing alright so maybe offer her more encouragement and in a couple of weeks time she will be glad she stayed on this diet. take care


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Was your daughter dieting before starting LT. This can sometimes reduce your weight loss in the first weeks.

9lbs is a good loss. I know some others lose more but its very individual. I didn't lose nearly as much as some my first week.

Advise your daughter to keep going. She'll be disappointed if she stops and goes on another diet where you lose 1-2 lbs a week.



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Is she on the pill or anything??

i was on the implanon implant and this can drastically reduce weight losses, as can any hormonal contraception.. this may be a factor...


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