Help. Should I change to 790 plan?


I'm on day 2 and I feel so miserable. I am considering doing the 790 plan instead. I think I could cope better if I could just have a little food at the end of the day. I know everyone feels rough the 1st few days. I must be weak cause I feel like I can't handle it. I've had flu like symptoms and came home from work early. I haven't actually felt hungry just ill!

I'd appreciate any advice.


Tiara x
I think most of us can relate to these thoughts hun.
You have to try and ignore them as it's your chatterbox telling you that you can't do this.
I felt so awful my first week on LL, I was crying most days and I fainted on day 4.

Why don't you give it a week and see how you feel then? Be mindful of the negative thoughts your CB is throwing at you and try to deflect them.

Now I'm going to re read this and take notice of my own words, because I'm doing appallingly at the moment :eek:

Kitty xxx
Thanks Flirty, I'll have a look at those links.

Kitty you've done fantastically looking at your weight loss. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I've taken some paracetamol and I'll see how I feel later. I've been crying today too. This is not bloody easy is it?
I have a feeling I might switch to 790 for a while and see how I go. I can always go back onto SS again. I just feel like I have so much weight to lose, I will have to be doing this for a ong time and so has to be bearable. Giving up is not an option though... I'm not feeling THAT bad!!
I'm on 790, I did a month of LL then switched.
I ended up having a 7 week long period and I thought my depression had returned.
The Dr insisted that I up my intake slightly so I switched to Cambridge and 790.
It's worked really well for me, although I let my guard down and slip over xmas (although was fortunate that there wasn't a gain) and have struggled to get my focus back 100%.

Keep posting, I find a tremendous strength from the support offered on this board. It will help you through the low points.

:) Kitty xxx
Hi Thanks for the advice. I did give in and had some chicken and brocolli last nght. I shouldn't say give in should I? I just switched plans. It's not like I said I give up and went off to the chippy!

I think I will find this much easier. I feel so much better today. I did wonder last night after I'd had my chicken whether I'd given in too easily and that I'd been to hasty as I did actually feel a bit hungry after I'd eaten when I hadn't done before. Anyway, Today I feel much better. I have a slight headache but nothing compared to yesterday. It will be good if I can still eat but go into ketosis ( I don't know if I am yet or not).

I also need to get more organised. I don't have a decent set of kitchen scales so I guessed at the potion sizes last night.
I only had a very small chicken breast. I'm sure that must be under 6oz. Anyway I'm getting new scales today so I'll be able to weight out portions now.

Kitty do you find that your weight loss slowed down on 790?
I've weighed myself this morning and I've lost 6Ibs after 2 days on the diet. I know that most of that will be fluid but I'm still more than happy with that. I would imagine that you would still lose quicker on 790 than a conventional diet??

By the way my husband had lost 7Ibs too and he even had a cheat yesterday. He had 2 wee sandwiches at work as he was on a training day and his lunch was provided. He did well to resist the cream cakes though!

Anyway, all in all I think I've made the right decision for now. I can always switch back to SS later on. See how I go.

Thanks to all who supported me last night through my worst day ( hopefully it won't get any worse now).

Tiara x
Hi Tiara,

I really pleased you are feeling a lot better today. The main thing is you are staying on the CD whether it be VLCD or 790.

Keep it up hun xxx
Thanks Skinny,
You've been a real support to me. How are you feeling? Still good??

By the way I've been thinking about your name. I love it. You know what people say, if something is said to you often enough you start to believe it? Well people call you skinny everyday and you will soon become that skinny person..Keep up the good work!

Tiara x
Thank Tiara hun,

Feel great today, first day back at work since i started, getting on ok, although i cant really concentrate on my work.

Can't wait until tomorrow for my first weigh in.

Skinny by nature, Skinny by name lol xx
That's good you're feeling well, I was the same with concnetration yesterday. I had to make one tiara 3 times before i got it right and that's not like me. In the end I closed the shop early. I maybe feel better today cause it's my day off and I'm not having to concentrate on anything. Just trying to keep warm. I have the heating on and a scarf. I'm contemplating heating up my wheatsack and going for a nap.

Your weigh in is tomorrow?? That's not a week though is it? My CDC didn't weigh me at the 1st meeting. She said she was happy for me to weigh myself.....Which I'm not doing every day lol It's part of my obsession!
Have you been weighing yourself? You any idea of your weight loss?
My CDC weighed me the first time i went for meals that was on a Friday because it is the best day for me to go, but i did not start the diet until Monday. It will only be a five day weight loss so i am not going to worry if it is not loads it will catch up with itself the next week.

weighed myself yesterday and according to the scales at home i lost 5lbs but i am not taking that serious just incase.
That's fantastic. Well fingers crossed for tomorrow then.

I'm going to go now otherwise I'll spend all day on here!

Talk soon

Tiara x