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Help! Snacks and on the go lunches!?

Hiya, Im new to all this and just wanted some advice. I started doing a low carb/atkins diet as of friday so today is the third day.

Im struggling as to know what to snack on between meals? Is anything sweet a complete no go? I was craving shreddies earlier but I steered clear :)

Also I work 12.5 hour night shifts and get only one break during this time, and im wondering what foods I can take with me, can anyone suggest? We have access to microwave and a fridge?

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I also work shifts and tend to just cook two portions of whatever i have before work n take the second with me to heat up. It's hard to eat cold stuff when working nights at this time of the year i think so the hot meal makes it something to look forward to and is more satisfying. Then snacks of mini cheeses, pepperami's usually see me through.
Yes but fruit is restricted according to the carbs ofc. Berries are the lowest - strawberries, raspberries are what i tend to stick to. 100g are about 5g carbs ish so you don't get many for your carb allowance.
Food Item: Noodles, egg, cooked
Food Quantity: 1 cup
Carbs: 39.7g
Dietary Fiber: 1.7g
Net Carbs: 38g

Egg noodles are a no-no i'm afraid.

Different people will have different carb limit levels at which they come out of ketosis.
I thought it was just the initial two weeks? My goal is to lose a stone initially so that is how long im going to stay in maintenance for.. Then just maintain that stone off :)
Induction is the first phase at 20g carb limit a day which is for a minimum of 2 weeks. Most people tend to stay on induction levels of carbs to get most the weight off that they want to lose and then look to moving to maintainance by increasing their carbs by 5g in each increment, whether that be per week or month or whatever, till they find the carb level at which they can sts weight and therefore maintain.
Cheers Claire. Just gathering info b4 i start next week. Ive done it b4 but was totally just following the book and found it quite isolating so this is fab. Ta hon
Is there a limit to mayo.
Dyu eat sliced ham too anfd when you do dyu add everything you eat or just the veg
Add the carb count of everything you eat and drink to a total of 20g for induction a day. Ham's fine to eat :) Some are lower carb than others though so best to check the packet if it's supermarket bought.


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If youre desperate for egg noodles and are prepared to do it yourself here is a quick recipe:

lightly beat two eggs and season with pepper if you wish

heat a crepe or omelette pan over med heat and lightly coat base and sides with butter

draop enough egg into pan to make a thin coating
when it sets lift and turn with a spatula
cook for one more minute then slide out onto a plate

this can then be eaten as acreepe/pancake or cut into ribbons to make noodles - great in home made chicken broth
Thanks for the advice :) Slushy, thanks for the alternative egg noodle recipe.

Is hummus a no go too? Im just typing in things to check them out that I am unsure of it says 3.02g carbs for a tablespoon? So would this be okay with carrot/cucumber? I was sure chick peas were higher in carbs though..



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carrots are a no-no! and beans and legumes as far as i understand it are banned completely from induction ( unless it changed in a lter version of the book) so hoummous would be banned cause chick peas are

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