Help!!!!!!!!! Water!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. dazzler5

    dazzler5 Full Member

    starting cd on wedneasday 4/7/07
    Drank some water....yuck yuck yuck!!!! I really hate water i have never drank it raw like that in my life hahahaha

    Tried it cold..ugh thought i would throw up!!!

    Tried it tepid...not as bad...can cope ...yay!!!!

    Are there anything better ?? This is tap water tastes metal fizzy, bottled, filtered any better????? Answers on a postcard please!!!! lol lol

    Had 3 glasses and it is that good/ok?

    It is just the first day but if i can crack the water thing i know i will be ok.
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  3. JulesE

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    I used to struggle with tap water, so boiled it first, then had it hot, warm etc.

    I also but bottled water, but do drink mostly tap water now.

    I always fill a 2 litre bottle so I know how much I've had. Makes it feel like you're having less some how - must be to do with the 'I only have to fill this up 2,3 etc times'. Sounds better than I need to drink 8,10 glasses!

    It'll get easier, I'm sure & will be SO worth it!
  4. missymoo

    missymoo Fed up of being fat

    Im just getting used to the water intake, tried tap, was ok but came out a bit cold, I dont seem to be able to manange it cold, tried boiled and letting it cool down but to me it had a funny taste and I couldnt drink much of it. Im now sticking with bottled water, non fizzy, I buy the 2ltr bottles and Im getting on ok with those.
  5. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    I didn't like water - of any kind (except the Russian stuff!!!) but now have got use to it. As a slow loser (and bad water drinker last time round) I've found having 5/6pints per day has made a big difference to my weekely weight losses and so that spurs me onto drink it. Think of it as medicine!
  6. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Hot water is best and ususally curbs the hunger too.
    You will get used to the water, I also have a cup of black tea, but just dunk the tea bag a few times or it is too strong
  7. 4me

    4me Member

    cambridge diet
    Hi I am on day 2 of ss and the water is taking a lot longer to go down today,

    I am not a water drinker normally but having heard it helps with the weight loss i will try.

    Hope everyone is doing well today

    Andria x
  8. sophie2324

    sophie2324 Full Member

    I think as well depending on where you live effects the quality of the tap water. I have to put all water through a britta water filter and i mainly like to buy bottles of water or use the water dispenser at work as the water from there is nice. I find it hard to drink the recommended amount everyday - in fact i feel like im "drowning" sometimes. Good luck with the water intake guys!!!
  9. Sambucca

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    try sparkling water, that really helps me when I am struggling to get the plain water down. Also, add loads of water to your shakes, it will make them weaker but will up your water intake without really having to try.

    It is hard trying to consume all the water but it really will help with your weightloss so you must drink as much as you can.
  10. I will do it this time!

    I will do it this time! Full Member

    I'm doing it the cambrige way!
    I have never been a tap water drinker.... even the smell of it when I run a bath is sooo strong.... hate all the chemicals etc!! i have drunk bottled water for years and it is very cheap..... 5 litres of 70p in asda.....
    I intersperse this with bottled fizzy water, sometimes with flavouring in it, sometimes without...
    I also always have my water at room temp, as I can't cope with cold water, it takes me soooo long to drink it....

    Good lcuk with upping your water intake, as others have said you will get used to it!
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