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Well I've totally messed up lol.
I'm in Wk2 and Monday will be my 3rd weight in.
During Wk1 I was fine. I did eat a salad on day 4 as I was very faint and concerned I'd take ill (I'm disabled).
At my 1st WI I lost 3kgs which is good I suppose.
Well Wk2 has gone to pot. I've nibbled fresh vegetables almost every night. It started when I tried the flapjack & it made me vomit for 2 days. I needed to eat to feel better.
Now I'm 4 days into my 2nd wk & need to get back on track.
I've been good today & think I just need a kick up the bum. I've got almost 8st to lose and can't give in.
Any advice????
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I understand how hard it is, but you must stick to the plan. You cannot eat, if you are struggling why don't you try cambridge diet where you can have a low cal meal in evening?
If you feel hungry, drink more water, or when I feel a bit low I have a sweet black coffee with sweetner...does the trick for me.

See how you go until your next weigh in.

Good luck
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drink drink drink
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ye note down all the reasons why u want to lose weight. is it love? health? both? its surprising how many things u can do when u lose weight as well. encourage ureself. and yes drink kost of water :)
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Tomorrows another day wipe the slate clean , remember you can do this !! just keep drinking that water hun xxx
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Hi Louise I got your e-mail, hope you can stick to this, once you get on track and are in ketosis this diet it really easy and you never feel hungry, it does get boring at times but then you just keep thinking of all the weight you are loosing and that keeps you going and it is only for a few months x :) COME ON US GEORDIE GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING HAHA ;) XXX


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Keep going, you can do it :)

Remember, the saying (another forum member has this on her sig), "Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"
Thats been driving me and keeping me sane (as well as early nights!)

The weeks will fly by, trust me


Don't Worry Be Happy
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Tomorrows another day wipe the slate clean , remember you can do this !! just keep drinking that water hun xxx

irish molly

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You have got to stay strong. As ou said yourself you have got to lose 8st. This may seem daunting just now but once you are in ketosis the hunger passes and you will find that the weeks fly by. Please keep at it. I am down six stone now after 25 weeks and feel so fab. Yes, it is hard but once you get used to the routine it is great. Keep sipping water all the time as it really helps stave off any temptation. No excuses just DO IT!!!!!!
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No you haven't messed up Lousie, you've had a little hiccup. You can pick yourself up and start again afresh with renewed determination and vigour.

You can and will lose that 8 stone. You need to get into the frame of mind of - This weight will melt off me and will not beat me. You must gather every bit of focus you have to stick to plan 100%

If you stick to LT 100%, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep you can't fail. Keep thinking of a healthy, happy, slim you in a few months. You deserve to be that person.
Thanks everyone.
I've been 100% good yesterday & today.
I think the reason for the picking is my Grandad is ill is hospital. I suppose it's the old comfort eating trying to resurface. Luckily I didn't let it and now I'm back on track.
I've still got 1 wk shakes etc (from a previous attempt lol) so I'm going to skip Monday's weigh in & go next Monday with an impressive loss hopefully.


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Hi Louise, how about after skipping this weigh in and going to the next one you don't put any IMPRESSIVE loss expectation on yourself and just LOVE SOME LOSS.

That will help I am sure.
Good idea Lipolisa. Seems little point going on Monday as I'll probably get disappointed which will effect my mindset. Added to that, I have enough LT to get me through another week..
Just need to be strong lol.

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