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Hi everyone,

I have had a shock today when looking at photos the person in them was a fat version of me and then I realised i have put so much weight on but was kidding myself thinking I was ok :-( so looking to start SW and gentle exercise until my fitness levels return maybe the stairs won't look so steep can anyone help me get out of a rut and any tips would be most welcome
Thanks in Advance
Mandy Moo x x
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Hi Mandy,


Just stick those pics on the fridge door where you can see them to remind you of how you don't want to look.

You'll enjoy slimming world, I do, preparation is the key, making sure you plan your meals and vary what you're eating, and use your syns it sure makes the journey easier.

Good luck

Kerry xx
Hi Kerry,

Thanks for the kind words of motivation I will stick to it and change my way of eating and hopefully my journey will be a success good luck on your journey and hopefully we can keep in touch a BIG thank you and much love x x
You'll do great.

make sure you do some measurements too when you start and record them every month or so, then if the scales aren't saying what you want you have a fall back motivator.

I measure bust, waist, hips and thighs.

Good luck x
Mandy Moo, different things work for different people, but something that has worked for me in the past is slowing down my eating....it seems to make me feel fuller. I think it gives my brain time to realise I'm full before I'm stuffed full of food! With exercise, I got a reliable pedometer (a nice Omron for £20...fairly expensive when I'm now an incomeless student, but well worth it) - I like seeing the numbers go up, so I went from less than a mile of steps a day to 5 miles a day all because I liked seeing big numbers. I am however a number geek, so this may not work equally as well for all people! Anyhow, good luck with your weight loss journey :) Hopefully you'll post in the weight loss diary section here so we can all be motivated by your progress too! :)

Hi Dreamer
Thanks for you kind motivating words where did you buy the pedometer I wouldn't mind getting one as my house backs on to the mountain and hoping to make full use of this hope your doing well thanks for replying it means ALOT trust me just reading peoples reply's fill me with hope and motivation good luck on your journey x
Hi Dreamer

I just bought one from e bay £20 Inc p&p money well spent I think hope you keep in touch good luck x x
Mandy, good to hear. There are sometimes challenges on these boards, like steps challenges for people with pedometers. I don't do them, but you might like them. I pop in here time to time so will be good to see how you're doing :) Good luck x

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