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Guess who's back...?
Remember it's not the calories that make the difference, but the protein levels etc.

I used to try and cheat with plain chicken as I thought (from doing Atkins many moons ago) that protein couldn't knock you out - but sure enough it did... :(

Would be amazed if Exante said any extras/subs were ok (apart from tablet sweeteners, pepper etc)... but def check and post their response! :) I am always willing to eat my words if I'm wrong!

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so......shall I coffee mate lite? or does it spell disaster :confused: not the calories but the Ketosis side of things....... Am Day 12 tomorrow and would hate to suffer the hunger pangs again


Guess who's back...?
Personally I wouldn't risk it! Wait and see what Exante say but don't risk it until you know either way.

I used to find mixing half of my vanilla shake with coffee make a nice latte type shake thing... and you can zap it in the microwave too.

Stay strong! :) xx

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I think the thing to remember here, is that the important thing is to make sure you are able to sustain the diet.

No mad bad diet police man is going to come pounding on your front door, because you decide to add something to your coffee to make it more bearable.

You have already shown you have the comittment and belief in yourself and your will power to even take the first step onto this diet.

The choice is always going to be ultimately yours.
People can advise, can reply with what they may or may not do in your circumstance, but the final choice is your own.

If you can truely not bear to say goodbye to yor cuppa, then you have to ask yourself, whether this one adaptation will help you stay on the straight and narrow and within the guidlines for the rest of the diet.

You made the decison to undertake this diet as you are strong willed enough to know it might be a long journey but you want the end outcome.

None of us became overweight over night, so it stands to reasons none of us will lose it as quickly either.

Staying on this diet long term, can be hard, and to be honest if a little coffeemate means that you will find it easier to stick with it, I know my own answer to that, and it would be sat next to my kettle. (luckily i like my coffee black)

Remeber you will lose weight even if not in ketosis, ketosis is just a side affect, a by product of undertaking a vlcd. a pleasurable one granted, and not something I would ever want to be without! hehe
But we are all individuals and we all know our limitations.

I would much prefer to see you still typing here at your goal weight, than have you vanish off of the forums because you thought you were being 'naughty' with coffee... It is your diet, and you have to make it work for you, as long as you realise the scales may reflect any choices you make.

I am not adovcating anything.. before I am hounded hehe, I am just saying, it is more important to lose the weight, but without causing yourself to suffer unduely and give up.

xx good luck in what ever you choose and yes please do post the reply fromt he exante team.
Just remeber... there is no such thign as the diet police, we answer to ourselves.


Guess who's back...?
Who said anything about Diet Police?!!

People can do what they want, obviously. Offering these suggestions is simply a way to try and HELP people so they don't either a) fall out of ketosis, b) stop losing weight or c) get stuck on a 'well, that won't hurt' destructive cycle. I would want and expect the same in return, as I have had many time in the past when I spent 6 months on full abstinance and kept trying to sneak in the odd thing.

There is little guidance on Exante aside from the inital booklet, so being able to help people through what was learned doing another VLCD can't be seen as being dictatorial surely? I know Exante "isn't" LL, but it is the same in how it works, just cheaper and without group sessions... the same principles apply, and the same weird and wonderful things you can do with foodpacks can be applied! Crisps anyone? Lol.


short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
here we go hhee http://www.minimins.com/exante/156218-things-we-do-make-us-go-mmmmmm.html I will bump it :D
Would be nice to have some new ideas added to it anna...

hopefully you can save me from soup hell at the moment

please do not think I was referring to you in the post in any way, in regards to the reply above.
You are very right about the guidance, but I meant in regards to people making themselves feel guilty and worrying. The diet is hard enough for some, so sometimes if one tiny adaptation is the difference between being able to sustain it long term or giving up,we have to make our own choice.
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short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
i know i saw it not too long ago ! hehe my first ever sticky