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Here I go, Here I go, Here I go..again!

Right! That's it!

I've got to finish what I started years ago and I think a diary is the only way to do it! I've lurked and lurked for months and faffed for Britain (if that was a sport I'd be at Olympic standard without doubt!)

I have some left over Cambridge packs and an Exante order on the way - hopefully arrives 2moro- so that's it I've got to do this and finish what I started!

Must say, if it wasn't for the massive positive vibe here on this fabby site I would just waste more time and get nowhere quickly!!

I hope this post is in the right place though- I am so pathetic in all this
t'internet malarkey, much to the delight of my very 'in the know' kids, even the youngest, who's 5 can knock me into a cocked hat on the computer front!! Bless em!

Anyway I've rambled on enough and have to try and remember how to change my ticker doodah!

Hugs to all
Bb x
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Hi and welcome back to a VLCD! it's a new year and a fresh start to knock this flab on the head once and for all, I must admit if it wasnt for this forum in the last few days I would have cracked. If there's anything you don't understand computerwise just ask on here I'm sure we can band together to sort you out x


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Good luck



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Hi and welcome. This is definitely the year were all going to do this so all the failed attempts dont matter.
Thank you all soooo much for your lovely replies - it's bonkers when you've 'lurked' for so long, getting to know everyone and now I'm part of it!!:eek: It's fab! :D

No delivery yet and can't get into my email account for some reason so I'll hang around for a bit and hope it turns up!

Had black coffee and a couple of pints of water so far so it looks as though day one has started! (I didn't plan a day because as soon as I do, I manage to scupper it at some point - blind panic probably!!

Anyway here I actually go!! Thanks again you lovely people and thank you for popping in to my diary!!

Now I AM going to tackle my ticker!!

Bb x
Day one done and dusted!
Thought I'd struggle but once I committed to the Easter challenge and realised that I had 48lbs to loose by then shocked me into gear! :eek: Hopefully delivery today so I can crack on with Exante.

Managed 5 pints of water (must work that out in ltrs!) Cooked for family and didn't even lick fingers- but did look lovingly at it a couple of times!!... Must...Resist..!. Hope this lasts! Looking forward to my first Hoot and Honk!

Day 2 - 2 coffees and a pint down, slight headache but meh! x
Thank you JoanneM :D x

Nearly reached the end of day 2 and all's going well! I wanted to see how long I could go thru the day without the shakes as last night I was feeling hungry by 5pm but that went on til bedtime and didn't want to fill the tum with too much water as spend a lot of quality time with the loo already!

So I had water, coffee and more water throughout the day and had my 1st shake at 5pm then one at 7pm and I'll have my last one at 9pm, so far I don't feel hungry and because I'm sitting down I can concentrate on just enjoying my soup ( thai chick then basil and tom... my they're creamy!)

Looking forward to bed too as I'm shattered!!! Looking forward to day 3 toooo!

Thank you Julie! ( I hope you don't mind but I couldn't type ur username it felt like I was being horrible!!) x

Well day 3 has been a slog but I expected it, feel tired and a bit yuck to be honest and a bit grumpy!!

My daughter showed me a selection of gorgeous dresses on her fav website (boohoo.com) saying when I get to goal I can go mad and they were lovely but not for a lady well into her forties!! So now I feel fat, grumpy AND OLD!! (Boo Hoo indeed!! just feeling sorry for myself!!)

Did the same as yesterday and saved my soups til the evening and just had a basil and tom and will have the other 2 later! around 6 pints of water thru the day and green tea and coffees so sloshing nicely!

Off to hoot n honk!
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S: 21st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 3st3lb(14.85%)
I intend to buy dresses from boohoo when I get to goal. Youre only as young as you feel remember.
How's day 4 going, Hun?

Well it's been a miserable 48 hours! I must have picked up a bug from my youngest/school/supermarket or wherever bugs hang out -
Upshot was lots of barfing, sleeping and sweating and finishing nicely on the loo for hours :sick0019:

Sitting in bed but at least I can sit up without hurling now and have just sipped my way through a glass of water (fizzy stays down longer I've found)

Hopefully I'll be upright 2moro and ready for day 6 - I think! I've lost track completely! :eek:
Feel better soon :hug99:


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