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  1. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    I'm all shiny and new to cambridge but been on minis for a long time now.

    Yup that means I've lost and gained :mad:

    Previously I did well on weight watchers pro points, lost 4 stone I think it was over 8 months or so.

    I decided to to cambridge this time for a boost as I'm fed up, annoyed and need to get a bulk of the weight off now. My longer term goal will be to go back to weight watchers for the final part of my weight loss and do the final bit slowly (maybe the last stone or two on there).

    So I had my meeting with my consultant today and starting in a week (have the product now).
    Already been drinking a ton more water, trying to limit the carbs, using up some slim fast I had left over from weight watchers (I used to point a shake as eating in the mornings was and still is an issue for me) to get more used to not feeling as full. I also kissed pringles and choc goodbye a few weeks ago, in fact before I even decided to go with this.
    Cutting way back on the coffee too since I'm not a fan of black coffee (but I will try this week to switch or do without).

    I have quite mixed feelings about this, I know the start will be just rubbish, however I'm pretty stubborn and I can't afford to waste money by cheating so I just need to get on with it.

    Luckily my neighbour is also doing the plan so we can keep each other going and do our own weigh ins every other week since we only see the consultant fortnightly due to travel distance.

    So anyway, hellos, I'm sure I'll be stalking this forum from here on in and getting to know you all better :)
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  3. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Best of luck. Oncd you get past week 2 you'll be sailing so keep that in mind at low points.
  4. LaylaLea

    LaylaLea Member

    Good luck! Keep your future self in your mind at all time to keep you encouraged! Imagine your self this summer! X

    Weight loss to date:
    Week 1: 13lbs
    Week 2: 6lbs
    Week 3: 5lbs

    Total : 1stone 10lbs
  5. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    God luck! You've done it before you can do it again :)
  6. shane0704

    shane0704 Full Member

    Good luck! Get the 1st few days out of the way and it will be a piece of cake from then on :)
  7. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    thanks for the support :D

    so far had my "blowout" on sat morning (pringles and aero - I'm such a badass right)

    daily water intake is about nailed already ready for saturday
    switched to black coffee without too much pain
    been shopping for a protein focused week
    ordered various products to combat some of the side effects (won't go into detail haha)
    and pretty much want to start it like NOW! No choice tho, won't see consultant to resupply :(
  8. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    made it thru day 1 without killing anyone or raiding the fridge :D
  9. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    Well done on day 1, how's day two feeling so far? I'm on day 2 of my restart after 2 day's off, supping on a coffee :) xx
  10. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    im doing okay, decided yesterday to go 8am, 2pm and 8pm for my meals, only the last hour was a bit like omg feed me now. Messed that all up today by sleeping in till 10.30 (ooops).

    ran out of coffee last night (I know I need shot for that), so heads bumping but could be the lack of coffee causing it (I drink a lot). meh.

    I think I am at the point where I am so fed up with how things are now, my determination is super high and I will be fine, even if I'm having a bad day, I wont let it beat me. Plus why pay for the products if you get little benefit by jumping in an out of ketosis instead of staying in there.

    Found the leek and potato soup was blegh last night, I have another 4 of them here. going to try with pepper later on and water it down more. This week will be trial and error with products, I got a decent variety except with soups but will have to put up with it till friday when I next see my consultant.
  11. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    I had that issue, My consultant was really helpful and came midweek to swap the products I didn't like for ones I did like so I wasn't struggling to choke them down xx
  12. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    unfortunately shes too far away to pop over :/ only see her every 2 weeks but luckily I only am doing a week on plan before I see her (did a prep week).

    I'm really hoping my neighbour likes leek n potato as she cant stand strawberry shakes and I don't mind them. We can trade lol. Will be okay whatever way, I got a busy week on next week work wise (I work from home) and I can just down the soups and keep working :p

    Already thinking porridge will be my "evening meal" as I feel like I'm actually eating when I have a bowl and unless I like the tomato (I have one to try) Ill be on shakes for the other 2 meals.
  13. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    so I tried spicy tomato soup...I take it back, the leek and potato wasn't that bad...It's been a long time since I had something to eat that's made me physically want to vomit. Thank goodness for mouthwash to get rid of the taste ;)

    No soups left tho, my lovely neighbour loved them and traded me strawberry shakes for the remainder of mine :D
  14. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    made it to the start of day 4...still 100% :D
  15. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    Congratulations the first few days are absolutely the hardest! How are you feeling?
  16. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    so far not as bad as I thought it would be.

    few headaches and dizzy bits, having to stop myself going to the fridge on autopilot.

    I'm not physically hungry but my brain says I am. Stoopid brain :D
  17. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    good for you, congrats!
  18. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    start of day 5...can't wait for official weigh in on friday :D Still 100%
  19. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    10lb off for pre week and first week - super happy with that!
  20. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Absolutely brilliant!
  21. GLL

    GLL Silver Member

    Since I only see my consultant every other week I did a self weigh in (since it has been a week since my last one). week 2 - 8lb

    also daughters birthday yesterday, resisted cake and munchies. She has a party tomorrow but I shall remain strong (and have a shake when they are eating lol).

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