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Attack hey all!!

im starting tomorrow, got my oatbran and ready to go. done the true weight test on the dukan website and it says i should be 9st 8lbs and only 2 days of the attack faze, however the book reccommends 5days as ive more than 20lbs to lose... im assuming i shld go with the website? this is a totally new diet for me and i love diets with STRICT guidelines. i do well at losing weight with these but struggle to maintain.... hence why im still hovering around this forum lol. im really excited and look forward to your support and supporting you all. xx
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hi carrie, welcome to the forum. i would go for a 3 day attack phase if i were you - there's no great deal of benefit in doing a longer phase, and dr d has changed his views on the length of attack since the book was published.

from your ticker and stats it looks like you're joining us from another diet, can i ask what you were doing before?

feel free to post your daily menus and start a diary, so we can help keep you on track!


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Hi Carrie and welcome!! Sounds like you're all prepared and ready for tomorrow... that's great! Totally agree with Emmma - my coaching said a smaller number for Attack than the book and it worked perfect for me (11lbs in 4 days!) Would also be curious as to what and when you're coming from diet-wise. Just asking because it seems as though that if you come directly from another diet, you don't get as much punch from the the Attack phase. I'd hate for you to get discouraged right into it as this really is a delivering diet!

Best of luck to you! Definitely take up offer on posting menus, etc... its been an enormous help to me these past few weeks.


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Good luck and remember, particularly for someone like you (and me) who admits having trouble stabilising, that this is a FOUR phase diet not just a quick fix. Phase three (at your target weight) is essential and four for life.

3 days' attack is perfect.
thanks ladies, ive been on many diets the most recent being lighterlife. i had to gove up however in early march due to finances not being so great and have regained my glycogen and steadily regaining fat..... thats why i thought dukan. i like the idea of 1 protien thursday for life at stage 4. i need some structure lol. thanks for your advice ladies 3 days here i come!! xx
thanks yesterday i had 0% fat natural yoghurt with oatbran, lunch was chicken breast and cottage cheese, and didnt have tea as was feeling poorly so went to bed early.... 2day had no breakfast just a coffee with a dash of skimmed milk as was still feeling poorly, lunch was cooked chicken drumsticks x 5 and for tea which im having just now a 2 egg omelette with a dash of milk and some cottage cheese... yum yum, will have my oatbran later in some of my left over yoghurt.

cottage cheese is less than 2% fat, i normally get the virtually fat free but asda had NONE!! thats it finished now though, one more day to go then cruise here i come.

hope everyone else is doing well. xx


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Sounds like you're in the right place. Check out our recipe thread to find yourself some more interesting meals - they don't take long to prepare and help when boredom inevitably sets in (with too much chicken and eggs!!).

Keep posting - and we have a daily menu thread. The oatbran is great in the morning made into pancake or muffins, as it swells when you drink water and keeps you full for hours (hence I always think it's a shame to have it in the evening). Whatever you prefer mind ;)
i agree with the oatbran, having it just now for breakfast. will be changing my recipes when im in cruise but for 3 days of attack ill stick with this as its simple and quick.

scales havent moved this morning, dont think i drank enough water yesterday and dunno if having the oatbran later has had any effect but gonna up my water today. hope you all have a great day! xx


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Your kidneys will thank you for the water ;)

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