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hey everyone... :-(

hey all. i havent posted in a while but check in most days using the app on my phone.

there def doesnt seem to be many of us about here.

ive had a wierd few weeks. i was 'in the zone' and dedicated for the first say 5 weeks and now i have fell completely off the bandwagon :break_diet:

i keep saying ill start again 2moro and then i binge that night coz i feel that im going to end up depriving myself. and then the next morning i feel so bad about the binge the nite before that i end up thinkin im never gonna do it and keep eating again. i cant seem to get out of this vicous circle. :cry::cry::cry:

me and mum havent been to class for a couple of weeks as we had a lot of snow and couldnt get there but the RC leader rang my mum today and said she hoped to see us there 2moro nite. we thought she was finishing classes last week. i am dreading going purely because i know ive failed and am back to my starting weight and the last thing i want is to be standing on them scales in front of her 2moro nite. my mum is doing well on her journey though and i am so proud of her. but me on the ohter hand just cant get my ass back into gear.

i am feeling like there is no point starting afresh before xmas as i know ill eat and drink a lot over the festivities. im thinking if i can get past xmas and then completely start afresh on monday 3rd jan.

i was soo desperate for a quick fix last few weeks that i even thought about going back to cambridge diet again. :sigh::sigh:

anyway girlies, sorry to ramble just needed to get it all off my chest. hope u are all doing well.

emz xx
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Hiya im thinking of doing R.C as im doing calorie counting atm.!

im needing the weekly weigh in's from others i think.

this board is very quiet y dont u join us on the CC board instead?

good luck im always thinking about going back to CD everyyyyyyy dayyyy lol xx
hiya shanny i think i remember reading some of ur posts on the cambridge forum.

well done u with the calorie counting :D:D:D

i will go over to cc and have a nosey. im at my wits end about what to do come jan and which diet to follow. i need all the advice and help i can get from everyone.

thanks for the reply chick. hope we can keep posting and keep track of each other xx
Aww its hard to decide which diet to follow but u must remember that it must be a life time journey and a way of new eating.

i truely miss cd but im going to stay with CC till i get back to goal.

u could start a diary on cc board where others will help when u stuck??

id like the support, we can shred the lbs once u can be 100% on the diet. xx
thanks chick ive just posted a wee thread on the cc forum to sort of introduce myself to everyone. this forum is so so quiet i feel like theres little point in posting here anymore so i hope to have better luck over with u lot on cc.

looking forward to chatting some more xx
I hope you are not still down emz. Christmas is always hard to stay on track and if you are like me as soon as I have one bad thing I go mad and binge the whole day. Let's make 2011 our year and really go for it! I am gonna stick with rc because I need a proper regime. If I just stuck to calorie counting I would be tempted to eat at random times and then the choc urge would hit me lol! But everyone is different and as shanny said earlier you have to do whichever diet suits you and stick at it xxx

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