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Hey my hubby ordered my charm bracelet


A moaning old boot!!!!
Thats great. I got mine delivered today....I have bought 5 charms (I need 1lb more to lose before i can put the 5th one on) and I am so chuffed with it. My OH is gonna get the rest of my charms for me too. I am so chuffed with mine...............each of my charms have been picked to do with what was going on in my life at the time of that weight loss.
Gonna take it to class with me on Tuesday and then hopefully, if I, sorry, WHEN I, lose that 1lb more, I can put it straight on!!! :) :) :)


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Thanks I got the idea from people here and it is a lovely idea. Must just remember to take it off before I weigh in lol. I picked various charms some I just liked like the troll doll one and some like a little pair of jeans to remind me why i do it. Will just have to be suprised by what I get. Can't wait to lose more now.
Oooh yay. Mine arrived in the post at work, but I am not in to pick them up until Monday. Where did you get the charms from?


Starting over
that's lovely. What a supportive hubby you have:) Keep up the good work and you'll soon have lots of charms on your bracelet.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Just one question. WHERE did you find him? My OH got 2 venetian blinds today! I know we need them, but it's not romantic :eek:


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Ah I think my hubby is getting too much credit lol. Was my idea he just suggested picking a load and then he chooses a few so I dont know and holds them for safe keeping.
It was bought from the joint account which is my money as hubby unemployed.
That said he did go to all the effort of reviewing my list and ordering them.
So where's a good place to buy the bracelets from then? Lots of people seem to be ordering them.


A moaning old boot!!!!
Thats where I got mine from too!! :) :)
I got my original when I started 14 months ago from 'coolrocks'. I now get my charms from the charm works and 'jewellery enchantments' as they are cheap and have a fantastic selection. Picture on my profile of mine so far- minus my 2 newer additions.

I love mine and wear it all the time- it is getting a bit heavy now though- and runing out of room xxx

Thank you guys, I've just ordered my bracelet. I've ordered the bracelet and one charm for taking the step of joining Slimming World and then one charm ready for my first half stone which I hope to get this week (if I'm really good).

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