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Hi all.... here we go again!


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Hello Kirstyc. And welcome. I am on day 3 of cd and doing great I am looking to lose around 6 stone. Sending you lots of P.M.A. And we will do this. God luck for Wednesday
Hey Lfc... good luck! i did this about 5 years ago.. and got the 3 stone off, but it has crept back on when i wasn't looking! So i know that it is not the easy wasy out... but feel ready to tackle it again now! I'm sick of the food rut that i'm in... does that make sense? xx


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Totally understand. I was in a rut too was all too easy to order take out or eat crisp. Biscuits etc. I am also determined to do this and although I can't do just shakes I got to start at step 2 due to my bmi I no longer want to be fat lol I want to be a yummy mummy and super slim wife lol.
Actually getting quite nervous now! weigh in is tonight... & collect the ss for the week! really really want to make a go of it this time!!


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Hi Kirsty. Good luck for tonight and can understand your nerves I was so anxious when I was getting on the scales and yes I was shocked but I took a vow there and then on those scales that I would never see that figure again. Don't be shocked when u weigh in look at it as a good bye number and that u will never see again, Let us know how you get on xxxx


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Actually getting quite nervous now! weigh in is tonight... & collect the ss for the week! really really want to make a go of it this time!!
If you really want it, and you can keep that in mind - then there's nothing stopping you.
thanks spangles :) first day... & headache has kicked in already! it's nearly 5.30pm... tea time, so have prepared all the families dinner.... 7 then i'm going to go hide!
have managed 1.5l of water... gonna get anothe litre down me... PMA!! xx
Hi Kirsty

Well done you for getting through the first day - get the next litre of water down and hopefully the headache will ease. I'm day 2 and know how you feel the headache is just there, I know though like you that tomorrow will be better. Woo hoo, we are on our way.

I CAN do it this time

Hi guys hope you dont mind if I join in. I went to see cd lady today to get started on ss tomorrow. As its my wait for it 4TH ATTEMPT I have decided not to tell anyone that im doing it again. I havent even told my oh who I tell everything to. He would just roll his eyes say what a waste of money it is and that I cant stick to it. So gonna keep it to myself for a while and see how I get on.

I have around 6 stone to lose. Im getting married in March so any amount I lose will be a bonus!

So good luck all newbies and remember we can all do it!
hey PGD, good luck as well!! day 2 will be a struggle, as i'm at work & cooking! but i'm gonna try sooooooooo hard!

i'd also forgotten how many times you need the loo, & how cold i get!! xx
well day 2 done! still have banging headache on morning of day 3... 1 more day and it should be gone!

only had 2 shakes yesterday, because i forgot to take my 3rd to work.... what a div! managed about 6litres of water yesterday, so pleased with myself to get it all down! however was going to the loo every half hour!
i have butterflies in my stomach, like i had the first time i did this diet.... because i know i'm doing something about my weight, and can't wait for my first weigh in!! lol... only 4 days to go!! hahahaha!!

bought some fresh breath spray... & found this an excellent deterant for eating anything.
hate the first couple of week, because all i think about is food!!
day 3 done... headache was constant all day.. and started to get that 'orrible taste in my mouth! feeling really cold all the time.... which is exciting, because i know that means i'm loosing!!! and in ketosis!! yay!

bring on day 4! feel fab & motivated! stomach has been growling today.. but thats fine.. it's the craving around food is subsiding!
can't wait for the weigh in!! :)
Yay kirsty exciting times. Wen u weigh in?
Hi everyone! Well its day 3 nearly over and im not doing too bad. Horrible smelly breath so my oh keeps telling me but no headaches so not too bad.

Im doing ss but todays as I was spending all day with my mum and I havent told her about Cambridge I had an omelette which my cdc said was fine. I hate hiding things from her but she wouldnt agree with me doing it so will keep it quite quiet for a few weeks.

I havent told anyone im doing this diet not even my oh but obviously my hiding place was terrible and he found all my drinks. Boy did he hit the roof but after a little chat he calmed down when I told him I really needed to prove to myself that I can do it, and I WILL do it.

Ramble over hope everyone else out there is doing ok x
Hi there wills. Sounds like me and you are the same lol. No one knows I am doing cd and my hubby was a lil annoyed at first and said noway was I doing the diet. But I sat down with him and explained I didn't want to be like this anymore and other diets weren't helping so after he sat down with the CDC and she explained stuff he came round but vows I straight off it if I get ill. I am on day 8 and feel fantastic. Couldn't even finish my omelette last night lol. So my tummy shrinkin. Good luck
hey all! a lot of people have a negative view on this diet, however i'm probably getting more vitamins & minerals now & all the good stuff i need, than i did before!! i have tried & tested EVERY diet on the block, seriously. my hubby will vouch for that! but nothing, and i mean nothing works FOR ME, or is as effective as this! it is all a personal choice.
you have to be in that frame of mind... because if you're not, then there is no wasy you should do it. not only for the cost, but for your own morale. you can't go on it to fail, because that will make you more miserable. believe me, i've been here as well!

best of luck everyone... & i mean that, this is not an easy way out.. by no means, this is hard, you need willpower, a lot of willpower. but the results are so worth it.

my weigh in is at 2pm today!! and i'm so excited!! my clothes have got looser just in the week!! i can see reults already & wake up excited about getting closer to my goal!!

feel so much better now, no headaches, wake up with a spring in my step. don't feel groggy at all..... a lot i think is due to not being dehydrated.
breathe is a little pongy, & i tend to get my metallic taste at night.... yuk!!

will let you know how i get on!!


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