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Hi all, I started on 25/7 and I feel great

Like I said, i started TS on 25th and I feel fab. i even resisted the office Mcdonalds run yesterday and I never miss that:D.
Today I went to get some Tesco water and I resited the hot frest crossiants- another 1st for me!!
Does everybody have loads of energy or is that just me??

Got about 4 stone to lose....:eek:
When do you start noticing the weight loss?

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hi started on 27/7 havent had that energy buzz yet!!! Waiting for Week 1 weigh in and hope then the wieght loss noticeable...well to me anyway!! Good luck for frist week weigh in and let me know how you do! You few days ahead might keep me on the right track! You been 100% sticking to it so far?
yeah, have been 100% so far. When I feel my will power going, i just take a big gulp of water!!!!
I love all the milkshakes but maybe that is cause its my first VLCD diet!
I am also eating the tesco ultra slim bars which are ok...ish
Hi I started on the 25th as well, and yes I seem to have bags of energy, i'm lovin it!!!!! I am finding it easier than I though, its great not to have think about meal times. GLad u r off to a flying start...
I started 25/7 too! Still feeling hungry but feel great apart from that. feeling really positive that i WILL lose all the weight i want to. I'm happy to have stumbled across this website. Has anyone got weighed yet to see what they've lost so far? I did and have lost 6lbs from monday - wow!!
I started the 25th too and have been great all week but today really struggling with demon thoughts!! Keep thinkin I shud just start eating healthy bla bla! I'm really needing to lose the weight tho!!x
I've justblew it, had a mcdonalds i can't stand it, my 7pounds have prob just jumped bk on!! I'm goin on to slimfast 2mo I'm too unpredictable to be payin for a bumperpack as I wudnt stick it out!if I manage a couple weeks on sf then il consider it, totally let myself down :( x
got weighed today, i am getting weighed each day for the 1st week or 2 just to keep me motivated and ive lost 8lbs since monday - woohoo!! starting to believe i can do this and be thin!!


Reaching the goal
That's it I'm soo ready I can't get any bigger, then I blow it!! I sailed through until today :( x

That's the spirit hun! Get back on track!
I also started on 25/7 and weighed this morning @ Boots and have lost 7lbs. Don't know if I am hungry or just fancying food - its hard to tell the difference!! x

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