Hi all!


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Im new to slim fast, attempted to start the other day with the sf smoothie.. which i didn't like at all, so had the strawberry mixed shake, with lumps which made me gag, i'm not keen on strawberry anyways, and whole thing just came back up (possibly too much detail!) but it just put me off completely. So tomorrow is my day. I have chocolate shake and got a few of the snacks too... i'm gonna search for the banana shake.. cos the banana on cambridge was yummy, so hopefully its something like that.

Bit about me: Im 23, and wanna loose about 4-ish + stone, hopefully the majority of it by july time.
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Hi Ilm welcome to Minimins.

In my opinion all the Slim Fast powdered shakes are lumpy and vile unless they're put in a blender with ice unlike the Cambridge ones which can be whisked up without much effort, if you have a blender and do them with ice I promise they taste lots nicer than Cambridge ;)

Good luck with your goals, feel free to jump into the challenges.


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Hi and welcome to the gang.

I a agree with Lisa.. blend blend blend :)

Also try adding coffee to the vanilla or the choc for variation; means you can add a bit of hot water too to make it a longer drink.


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these girls are right... without blending them they are VILE!!
i much prefer the job done for me (the pre made shakes)
but not everyone can afford them...

hope you get on better....

and Welcome...
Good luck with achieveing your goals.