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Hi girls I'm back!


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Well I had my shake for breakfast but then lost the key to my mum's where I go at lunchtime and where my packs are so had to buy a cous cous salad from the shop! I know there's prob too much carbs in them but there wasnt much choice and I could have had worse!

How you going? x
Hiya Flumpy,

Welcome back, sorry to hear about your pack crisis. At least you ate healthily though...could've been a lot worse. Chips and chocolate spring to mind.
Good luck with day two.


Happy to be slim at last
Welcome back Flumpy. Nice to see you back again.

The packs have changed slightly. They have been improved in response to customer feedback.


Always Struggling...
Welcome back Flumpy! :D

Sorry not replied to your PM - hope this post will do! :)

Good luck on Exante. I'm sure you will do well. As for me, I am thinking of how to lose the last stone or so. Getting a bit fed up of shake diets so might just eat healthily....not sure yet! Losing weight is so hard!!


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Ta everyone ;)

I tried healthy eating Lisa as well as low carbing but I know TS gets the weight off quick even if it is bloody hard!

Went to the races today and ate a few nibbles and had a couple of drinks but I didnt go mad as had a shake for breakfast and had a soup this evening so it wasnt too bad. :angeldevil:
Hi Flumpy

Hows it going? Im returning too and its sooooo hard! Hope you are doing ok x


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Hiya! Well I've only been on Exante 4 days but lowered my calories and carbs a week ago and have lost 4 pounds. I'll put my weight on the weigh in thread when I've done Exante for a week. I do get weighed fully clothed and after my lunch for some silly reason but at least I know how much I've lost! x
Well done you thats brill!!!

I struggled yesterday but feel great today, just have to get through the weekend then should be somewhere near ketosis and then I will be fine!

4lbs when you dont have masses (like me)! to lose is great you must be well pleased with that x


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Thanks Becky. You did well on your 1st week, nearly a stone! :eek:

Yeah the weekend is defo the worst, having to turn into a hermit so I dont eat or drink! I also find the fourth day the worst as I think that is when starvation kicks in lol! x


Just keep swimming
Hi Flumpy......great to see you back. How are you doing?

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